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Catamaran charter

Why choose a catamaran?

Catamarans are becoming an increasingly popular option for charter holidays, experienced sailors and boatsmen from all over the world; hence the increasing efforts of shipyards and designers to create ever more comfortable and spacious models (Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot). Some catamarans, however are designed to optimize performance, such as Catana’s or TS 42 catamarans, which compete with innovation and speed.

There are many notable advantages of a catamaran charter as opposed to a monohull; including decreased heeling, which means your cruise will be more relaxing and convenient, as well as being significantly safer. The doubled deck space, in conjunction with the flybridge and cockpit give the boats a greater level of comfort and livability in comparison to many monohulls of similar lengths.

The shallow draft of a catamaran allows the boat to approach closer to the shore than other yachts, meaning you can drop anchor at hidden coves and beaches and swim in peace! In addition, catamarans are equipped with 2 engines, which makes them more powerful and therefore easier to manage and manoeuvre during navigation despite their volume, as well as typically being able to reach speeds up to 30% faster than monohulls of the same length.

Rental catamarans tend to comprise of 4 double cabins, for 8-10 people, depending on the design. Some also have a convertible saloon that can accommodate 1-2 extra people. A 40ft vessel (e.g. Lagoon 400, Lipari 41, Nautitech 40, ...) is perfect for a group of 8-10. A catamaran charter can be more versatile for families with children, or groups of friends due to the increased comfort. The greater use of the motors as opposed to just sails better suits those less accustomed to life at sea or prone to seasickness.

What if I’m a beginner?

Catamarans are perfect for the both the experienced and the novice sailor; relying less on the sails, it is possible to cruise just using the engines. If you’re a beginner or have never sailed, there is the option to charter with a professional crew; with the services of a skipper and hostess you won’t have to worry about navigation, meals or cleaning, so you can enjoy maximum comfort and minimum stress during your holiday!

Some catamarans can also be rented by the cabin, for one or two people, with half/full board and with a customized navigation program; this is the perfect way to enjoy all the wonders of sailing without any of the work! We offer numerous Cabin Cruises in unbelievable destinations. You can discover Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast and swim in the crystalline waters of the Adriatic aboard a Bali 4.3, or enjoy an all-inclusive cruise in the Seychelles aboard an Eleuthera 60, where you will have the chance to explore the tropical wildlife of this breathtaking archipelago…. Get in contact with our experts for more information if you’re interested in a cabin charter for next cruise.

Where to rent a catamaran…

As such a popular choice for boat rentals nowadays, you can charter a catamaran from pretty much anywhere across the globe! Cuba, Norway, Ibiza, Brazil, Seychelles, Vietnam, France or Fiji… think of a place and we’ll probably have a boat there for you, which means in Summer or Winter there will always be a boat ready somewhere in the world to give you a perfect, sunny sailing paradise.

In the Summer months, you can cruise in Mediterranean destinations such as Croatia, which accounts for over 20% of rentals, whereas in the Winter season people escape to the exotic waters of the Caribbean, of the islands of the Pacific, for example.

What should I budget for a catamaran charter?

One of the many benefits of a catamaran charter through GlobeSailor, is our vast range of boats available which means you can rent a catamaran for anything upwards from €510 per week! Prices vary depending on the season in which you wish to cruise, typically the peak Summer months are significantly more expensive, so if you plan to sail then, make sure you book early! Costs will also depend on your specific charter needs; for example, if you require the services of a skipper and hostess during your cruise, this can add at least another €300 per day onto the price.

Basic tips for sailing a catamaran…

If you’re more accustomed to monohull sailing or just want a little reminder of some of the key tips to remember when embarking on a catamaran charter, here’s a few of the main reminders:

If you cruise under power – which many people opt for when sailing a catamaran, the most important thing is that you have two engines; with one in each hull, maneuvering is significantly easier than with a monohull.

When navigating under sail however, there are some important differences that must be considered: firstly, catamarans do not go upwind as well as monohulls, they thrive when sailing off wind. Secondly, one of the large attractions of chartering a catamaran is that they do not heel, which can make life on board a lot more smooth and convenient, so for a sociable cruise with friends and family, the sailing should not be so disruptive; but the flip side of the coin is that it’s harder to feel if the boat is over-canvassed. Finally, when anchoring your boat, you should consider that catamarans offer less water resistance than monohulls so it takes longer to slow down, but the shallow draft means you’ll be able to anchor in spots that sailboats could only dream of!