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Types of boats available for charter in Seychelles

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Yacht charter in Seychelles

Types of Boats for Rent in Seychelles

Discover below the most suitable type of boat for boat rental in Seychelles.


Experience traditional sailing and the soothing ambiance of wind-powered travel. Ideal for a tranquil exploration of the serene waters around the Seychelles. Sailboats offer the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation, allowing you to connect with the sea in a uniquely intimate way.


With its stable and spacious design, the catamaran is perfect for groups and families looking to combine comfort with adventure. Its dual hulls provide superior stability, making it an excellent choice for those new to sailing, as well as for enjoying water activities off its deck.


Perfect for those who want to explore more in less time. Motorboats provide the speed to hop between multiple islands and hidden beaches efficiently. They are ideal for day trips and offer the flexibility to explore the less accessible areas of the archipelago.

Luxury Yacht

Experience the pinnacle of maritime luxury. These yachts come with full crew services and exquisite amenities, ensuring a lavish sea voyage. Luxury yachts are often equipped with fine dining, entertainment systems, and water sports equipment, making every moment onboard unforgettable.


Enjoy a blend of traditional aesthetics and modern comforts with a gulet. These wooden boats are ideal for leisurely cruising through the picturesque islands. Gulets are spacious and often feature large decks perfect for sunbathing and group dinners under the stars.


For a unique stay on the water, consider renting a houseboat. It allows you to enjoy the scenic views of Seychelles from the comfort of a floating home. Houseboats provide a cozy, stationary escape with all the comforts of a modern home, anchored in beautiful surroundings.

Three Reason to Charter a Yacht in Seychelles

1. Predictable Sailing Conditions

Planning your yacht charter in Seychelles is simple as sailing conditions are quite predictable. Wind patterns are categorized into two groups: north-westerly and south-easterly. Sailors will experience north westerly trade winds between the months of December to March, with an average wind speed of 5-10knots. (December and January tend to be the rainiest months) From May to September, south easterly winds blow at an average of 10-15 knots. Enjoy a tropical climate and warm waters year-round. There is not much variance in weather temperature as it remains an average of 25C to 32C daily.
The archipelago is also divided into two distinct categories: the inner islands and the outer islands. The inner group is made up of 41 islands while the outer group has 74. Sailing conditions are more preferable in the inner islands with glorious waters and modern ports to dock at. Navigating the outer groups is risker as there are low lying coral reefs and are less sheltered. Therefore, it is recommended to remain exploring the inner islands which include Mahe, La Digue, and Praslin!

2.Nature Enthusiast Playground

Pack your snorkel equipment aboard your yacht charter and cruise your way towards the first marine protected area in the Indian Ocean, St. Anne Marine National Park. Located 5km from the coast of Mahe, this marine reserve consists of 6 islands flourishing with tropical wildlife. Clear water, an abundance of coral reef, and exotic underwater species make it an ideal snorkeling hotspot. Watersports and fishing are prohibited in this area so take advantage of the rare tranquility. Tip: Open daily including public holidays, you need a valid ticket to enter this park!
Come marvel at the extraordinary experience of seeing a sea turtle nest in broad daylight upon Cousin Island. Cousin Island is a nature reserve for the critically endangered hawksbill turtle and Seychelles warblers, a true marvel for nature enthusiasts. Located a mile from Praslin Island, it is only a short boat ride away.

3.Creole Cuisine

Just as the culture of the islands are a mixture of different influences, so is its cuisine. Surrounded by water, you are undoubtingly going to enjoy some of the freshest seafood you’ve ever tasted. Spend the morning on your yacht charter in Seychelles fishing for your next lunch or anchor to try one of the many top creole restaurants. Most daily dishes will also include curry and rice mixed with meat or fish. Why not try something new while abroad! Fruit Bat is a local delicacy and is often served in a curry or sometimes grilled.

A Day in Mahe

The most inhabited and largest island in Seychelles is Mahe. Its residents account for 90% of the archipelago’s population. Begin your holiday by flying into the international airport located only 11km from the capital city and where your boat rental awaits at the local port. Traveling to this island on a Saturday? Stop at the Victoria market and embrace the island’s culture. Explore the many vibrant stalls and stock your yacht charter with locally grown foods and spices for the week! After, stroll through the streets of Victoria and find the Clock Tower, a popular landmark.
Make your way to the Botanical Garden to walk along rare plant and animal species. This oasis is a must see during your nautical trip! A long day of touring calls for a reward! Treat yourself to some delicious island bites and stop at one of the many top-rated restaurants on the island. Eat fresh seafood while gazing out at the sun setting over the restaurant at Eden restaurant. This spot is known for great ambiance and service. Craving some local Cajun and creole cuisine? Stop by Marie Antoinette and you will instantly fall in love with every dish.
On Mahe is located Port Victoria the only official port from coming and going to this perfect piece of paradise. Start your nautical expedition straight from the heart of where everything happens. Then travel to uncover the unspoiled beauty the rest of the archipelago has to offer!

How to Get There

Fly directly into Seychelles international Airport which offers nonstop flights from 16 cities and accommodate over 140 international flights each week. This busy airport is only 11km southeast of the capital Victoria allowing guests to embark on their boat rental within minutes. Skip the security lines while trying to fly from island to island and embark on yacht charter in Seychelles – the easiest and most scenic way to travel!