Yacht Charter in Montenegro

  1. Dufour 405 - Dufour (2011)Tivat
    Capacity 8
    Cabins 3 cab
    Berths 8
    Engine 1x55hp
    Draught 2.10m
    Size 39ft
    from1 870 €*from 30/09 to 07/10View details
    online booking
    • -19 %
    Oceanis 48 - Beneteau (2018)Kotor
    Capacity 11
    Cabins 5 cab
    Berths 10+1
    Engine 1x75hp
    Draught 1.83m
    Size 48ft
    Reinforced Health Measures
    from 1 850 €1 499 €*from 04/03 to 11/03View details
  2. Lagoon 450 - Lagoon (2014)Marina Solila
    Capacity 12
    Cabins 6 cab
    Berths 12
    Engine 2x40hp
    Draught 1.30m
    Size 44ft
    from3 390 €*from 01/04 to 08/04View details
  3. Lipari 41 - Fountaine Pajot (2012)Tivat
    Capacity 11
    Cabins 4 cab
    Berths 11
    Engine 2x30hp
    Draught 1.10m
    Size 39ft
    from3 900 €*from 02/09 to 09/09View details
    online booking
    • -15 %
    Oceanis 45 - Beneteau (2014)Marina Lazure
    Capacity 9
    Cabins 4 cab
    Berths 9
    Engine ---
    Draught 2.15m
    Size 45ft
    from 2 000 €1 700 €*from 08/04 to 15/04View details
  4. Dufour 360 Grand Large - Dufour (2018)Kotor
    Capacity 8
    Cabins 3 cab
    Berths 6+2
    Engine 1x29hp
    Draught 1.55m
    Size 35ft
    Reinforced Health Measures
    from1 025 €*from 15/04 to 22/04View details
  5. Lagoon 400 S2 - Lagoon (2014)Marina Solila
    Capacity 12
    Cabins 6 cab
    Berths 12
    Engine 1x59hp
    Draught 1.21m
    Size 39ft
    from2 100 €*from 01/04 to 08/04View details
  6. N-ZO 600 - Zodiac (2013)Kotor
    Capacity 6
    Cabins ---
    Berths ---
    Engine 1x140hp
    Draught 0.50m
    Size 20ft
    from1 890 €*from 06/05 to 13/05View details
    • -10 %
    White Swan (2004)Tivat
    Capacity 12
    Cabins 6 cab
    Berths 12
    Engine 2x446hp
    Draught ---
    Size 105ft
    with skipper / crew
    from 26 000 €23 400 €*from 01/05 to 29/05View details
    • -20 %
    Oceanis 45 - Beneteau (2014)Tivat
    Capacity 6
    Cabins 3 cab
    Berths 6+2
    Engine 1x27hp
    Draught 2.15m
    Size 45ft
    from 2 000 €1 600 €*from 03/12 to 10/12View details
Indicative price excluding any discounts and options

3 reasons to charter a yacht in Montenegro

1. Cuisine

Inspired by the Balkans and the West, as well as Mediterranean and Grecian flavours, Montenegrin food is colourful and flavoursome. For a small country, Montenegro packs big flavours onto a plate and delivers on mouth-watering dishes. Along the coast, ‘Buzara’ is a favourite: shrimps, shellfish and prawns cooked in a red or white sauce made from onions, wine, herbs and spices. Black Risotto is another classic dish and gets its name from the cuttlefish ink which turns the rice black. By contrast, the north of Montenegro serves more hearty and heavy dishes e.g. Kacamak which is a cream cheese mixed with potato and cornmeal.

2. Adventure

Montenegro is a holiday which will suit the active among you. With mountains to hike, nature trails to walk, seas to swim in and lakes to kayak in, it will certainly keep you busy. By Durmitor, there is even a ski resort which you could make the most of during the winter months. While holidays are for relaxing, it’s good to keep active and a yacht charter in Montenegro allows you to do this.

3. Climate

The Mediterranean climate strikes again; beaming sunshine and cloudless skies characterise this fantastic destination. Bearing this in mind, the months May-September are the best times to charter a yacht in Montenegro. Summer means sunshine everywhere, with average temperatures soaring to a mighty 32-33 degrees. The temperature drops a little along the coastlines because of a welcome, cooling sea breeze. However, remember to always apply sun cream, to regularly re-apply it throughout the day and to wear a sun hat, especially during the particularly hot periods from 12pm-3pm.

The three things a nature lover should not miss…

Boka Kotorska – the Mouths of Kotor

The Mouths of Kotor is a bay found on the western coast of Montenegro and was listed among the top 25 most beautiful bays in the world, back in 2000. A road trails around the edge of the water and you can admire the beauty of the bay from this angle. This is also the deepest bay in the whole of the Mediterranean and is framed by cliffs and the majestic mountains of Lovcen and Orjen. The hidden and protected nature of the bay is what makes it the largest natural port in the shores of the Adriatic and one of the best natural ports in all of Europe. Kotor is also a minitature village which sits upon the mountains with windy streets and classical churches and a visit here will make you feel like you’ve travelled back in time.

Skadar Lake

The mountains and villages which border the lake provide a splendid backdrop to its vast and its extensive waters. People come here to fish as well as to explore, hike and swim. Virpazar is a tiny village situated overlooking the lake, linked to other major towns by train as well as by bus. However, with a yacht charter in Montenegro, you can easily access this treasure town. This town is also the perfect starting point for many of the hikes and walks around the area. Pop into the local tourist office to enquire and learn more about the possible routes available to you.


With one of the deepest gorges in Europe, dense forests and clear lakes, this national park should not be missed. It is made up of enormous forest trails, five canyons, numerous grottos and more than 50 different mountain summits. There are also more than 18 different glacier lakes in the park. Situated in the north of Montenegro, this vast and protected terrain of land stretches out for miles and offers the possibility of hikes, walks and fantastic views. Besides its beauty and fascinating geology, Durmitor also has an impressive biological diversity with more than 1,600 plant species and 130 species of birds.

How to get to your yacht charter in Montenegro

Montenegro is well-connected to most European and non-European countries and you can find heap flights to the local airports. If it works out cheaper and easier, you could also consider flying to Croatia and transferring to Montenegro. Once you have arrived, boat rental is undoubtedly the best mode of transport for this dream destination. If you are on land and want to make some quick commutes between various destinations, then cheap and regular train and bus services can easily facilitate this. There are great links between major towns and villages.

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