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The mythical 8th Canarian Island

The history of the Canary Islands according to carbon dating of archaeological remains states the earliest settlement dates to 2000BC. Some people believe that the Canary Islands are the remains of the legendary Atlantis. Also, the myth of there being another island in the archipelago is believed widely by the Canary people. It is called the island of San Borondón. According to myth, Saint Brendan, an Irish monk, along with other monks landed on San Borondón. Having spent 6 years on the island one day it began to mysteriously move. The many different versions of the folklore state that either the island turned out to be a gigantic sea creature with no detail of their exact escape or that the island sunk into the sea. Some depictions of the island are viewable on older maps such as one by William Delisle. In the Canary Islands, the people call a person who appears from time to time as San Borondón. By chartering a yacht to the Canary Islands, you could take your own chances at viewing this magical island from the coasts of La Palma or El Hierro.

Ideal route for yacht charter in the Canary Islands

Ideally, your yacht charter in the Canary Islands cruise should start from the north starting with Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, then to Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma. There are 16 ports in Canary Archipelago and every island has at least one. The first stop at Lanzarote is one you will not forget. The Green Caves, or Los Verdes Cave, once a shelter from pirates, is a volcanic realm where you can see the whimsical shapes created by solidified molten lava that were created more than 5000 years ago by the eruption of the La Coron volcano. Another place to visit on the island before setting sail is César Manrique Fondation, Volcano House. This 3000 square meter home was built inside a lava coulee with a naturally fed pool, 5 enchanting volcanic chambers with underground trees. A spectacular architectural site for all ages. The next stop on this two-part tour is the island Fuerteventura. The first stop should be the quiet Costa Calma beach. Located in the south of the island, 10km of beach with expansive white sand and tranquil warm waters is ideal for setting foot on mainland. The next beach to go to is located on the Isle of Lobos, north of Fuerteventura is an ideal starting place for a day of exploration. Only accessible by boat, its islet is perfect for a refreshing dive. It is a nature reserve fully protected by a natural park that boasts beautiful white sand beaches with calm turquoise waters.

Heading to the west of the archipelago, your first stop should be Gran Canaria. One of the capitals of the Canary Islands, this island holds treasures at every turn. With berths for all boats, Puerto de Mogán is a small costal village featuring charming color trimmed architecture and seawater canals. To take a break from the beaches take a stroll through Vegueta Old Town. Discover the stories that are embedded in the architecture of the city. Late-Gothic and Renaissance are just two styles you will see on this discovery journey through the city. Your second stop is Tenerife the largest island in the Canary Islands. Not only is the island home to the island’s second capital but Europe’s largest water park, Siam Park. With water slides up to 92ft with dense tropical vegetation, this is an experience for kids and adults alike. La Laguna Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a great interpretation of a protected town inspired by principles of navigation. Its original Spanish colonial architecture is like stepping back in time. Sailing to La Gomera head first to Los Roques Viewpoints, which are said to be the five guardian rocks over the entrance of the Garajonay National Park. These colossal rocks were formed by magma that never came to the earth’s surface but were made visible through erosion. They offer stunning views of the island, ideal for the perfect picture. On top of a big basalt wall by the sea the small town of Agulo awaits every traveler. The stoned streets and tiled houses are just a small part of its attractiveness, which you get the opportunity to peak at from your yacht charter in the Canary Islands. El Hierro, the smallest island in the Canary Islands, holds so much more than anyone could imagine! One of the most enchanting places on the island is El Hierro’s Charco Azul. This is a natural seawater pool in the El Golfo valley that speaks to the historic volcanoes on the island and the gifts it gives to its people. Not only can you bathe in the warm water but also lounge on the wooden deck. Along with protection from the sun you will be captivated by this earthly wonder. The ancient people of El Hierro depended on the sacred Garoé Tree for water. Once able to provide enough water to the entire population of the island it gained its fame as a sacred tree. It was knocked down in the 17th century by a hurricane and has since been replaced with a lime tree still viewable today. Last on the yacht tour is the island of La Palma, get lost in Los Tilos Forest, which was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2002. You can’t forget visiting Santa Cruz de La Palma Old Town, not only a historic port but a very artistic town. Its port was integral on the route from Europe to the colonies in Americas. However, the architecture of the town can be like that of a paint chart. Multiple hues of colors on every single home on the cobbled streets, they give a real Caribbean feel.. The Canary Islands are all very different yet harmonious at the same time. Once you at one island, you will be craving view of the other islands.