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A yacht charter in Polynesia offers a gateway to some of the most breathtaking sailing destinations on earth. For an even more specialized experience, consider exploring the beauty of Tahiti. Known for its iconic overwater bungalows, lush landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, Tahiti offers a unique sailing adventure. Dive into the heart of French Polynesia and make unforgettable memories. Explore our yacht charter options in Tahiti to begin your journey through paradise.

1. Polynesian cuisine

This needed to bag the top spot on the list because food in this part of the globe is just so undeniably delicious. You don’t need to know too much about Polynesian cuisine before you go, except that you’ll love it! The food in the region is fresh, made up of local produce; vegetables, bananas, coconuts are all grown on the islands; and coconut milk is pretty much served with each meal, be it savoury or sweet. While you may be used to apples and oranges, fruit here is tropical, delicious and you can buy it for a lot cheaper than in the UK. Think papayas, mangoes, pineapples and grapefruits. With fruit that tastes of sunshine, the island will have your taste buds tinging and there are many restaurants where you can sample local cuisine at a reasonable price, if you want a break from cooking!

2. Divine diving destination

Underwater diving in Polynesia will allow you to discover a magnificent marine life and to literally go deeper during your yacht charter in French Polynesia! The transparent blue waters mean that you can observe unusual and unfamiliar sea creatures with absolute clarity. Each island has its own top diving spots, some more well-known that others, meaning you have a variety of under-water settings and coves to explore.
The numerous water sport events and activities which take place throughout the year are also testament to the surfing and diving life in the island. Waterman Tahiti Tour unites the key players in the water sport world, bringing together athletes in 3 different categories: Prone Paddle, Stand Up Paddle and Open Water Swim. If you want to compete in a tournament during your yacht charter in Polynesia, there are several competitions throughout the year, notably the Rangiroa Pro Surf in March and there are several surfing festivals which take place during the month of August.

3. Large and remarkable lagoons

The lagoons are famous because of their various shades and colours. Azure blue, deep turquoise, and earthy navy, the lagoons look like they’re straight from a postcard. The shifting and subtle variations of blue in the lagoons are a product of the fusion of the Pacific and Indian Oceans and have become characteristic with this part of the globe. Society archipelago is particularly renowned for its lagoons so make sure to make this a non-negotiable stop or lunch spot during your yacht charter in Polynesia.

What to eat in Polynesia

Considering what we have already noted as a universal truth, that the food in Polynesia is incredible, we have put together our top recommendations of what dishes you should sample during your boat rental. Or you could get creative and whip together one of these dishes using an online recipe or the help of a local chef in your own yacht.

La Ota

If you like fish, a yacht charter in French Polynesia will be right up your street! Tuna is the most popular type of fish on the island and it’s eaten a variety of different ways. Most dishes are cooked in the traditional Polynesian oven, the ‘ahima’a’ and the Polynesian national dish, ‘Ia ota’ or ‘poisson cru’ is cooked in this special oven. This can be any type of fish, but it is usually tuna which is marinated in coconut milk and lime juice and served with rice.

Chao Mein

Inspired by Asian flavours, this dish composed of noodles and vegetables is eaten regularly on the island. The Chinese heritage in Polynesia means that many of the meals are inspired by these delicate aromas and flavours.

Coco bread

It’s no secret that the Polynesians love their coconut and it is served with or in most dishes. This national bread is no exception. This freshly baked bread carries a subtle hint of coconut and is a perfect snack or breakfast.

Firi Firi

Consider these tasty formations as the equivalent of the French ‘pain au chocolat’ or the Spanish ‘churros’. These sweet treats are also eaten for breakfast.

Paro banana

This is THE dessert in Polynesia. Banana is abundant on the islands and is served many ways, grilled or sweetened but this dish is a sticky banana pudding made with coconut milk. Two classic Polynesian flavours delicately balanced create a tasty and satisfying dessert to round off any meal. However, banana crepes are also a popular option for breakfast.


This is another famous Polynesian dessert which is made from mashed pumpkin and banana. This unusual but delightful fusion of textures and flavours is then cooked in the Tahitian oven and can be eaten hot or cold.


And to drink? Hinano is unquestionably the most common local beer and is a necessary add-on to accompany any good meal.

How to get to your yacht charter in Polynesia

Flying is the best way to get here and there are multiple airports where you can fly to. Depending on your itinerary, choose a flight to an island within the archipelago you would like to spend the most time in. Your yacht will do all the work from here and enable you to discover new and exciting places.