Our partners

Selection of local partners

We only work with professional, verified and certified charter companies that meet our criteria, which are essential for the enjoyment of your sailing holiday (hospitality, maintenance of vessels, financial stability, etc.). We do not offer any peer-to-peer yachts, for legal reasons as well as for lack of safety or quality of service.

Cooperation with our partners

Our teams visit our partner bases every year to monitor the maintenance of the boats and infrastructure. We are present at the biggest international boat shows to maintain a high level of rapport and negotiate the best prices with our suppliers. Once a year, our experts visit a partner base for an observation period to learn more about the destinations, the best locations and the infrastructure of the marinas.

15 years in the business feedback

On their return from a cruise, our clients are invited to share their reviews about the boat and the operator, so that we can offer a transparent service that reflects the reality of the service provided. Upon investigation if a partner no longer meets our criteria, we automatically remove their fleet from our site. Since 2008, we have collected more than 17,000 reviews from real clients.

  • The Moorings The Moorings
  • Istion Yachting Istion Yachting
  • BAN tours Yachting BAN tours Yachting
  • CV Yachts CV Yachts
  • Fyly Yachting Fyly Yachting
  • Iloria Bretagne Iloria Bretagne
  • Marina Yacht Charter Marina Yacht Charter
  • NSS North Sardinia Sail NSS North Sardinia Sail
  • Sail Your Myth Sail Your Myth
  • Sailoé-Corse Sailoé-Corse
  • Seaways Yachting Seaways Yachting
  • Seaways Yachting Saint Raphaël Seaways Yachting Saint Raphaël
  • South Sea Sail South Sea Sail
  • Spartivento Charter Spartivento Charter
  • Tahiti Yacht Charter Tahiti Yacht Charter
  • Aladar Sail Aladar Sail
  • Alternative Sailing Alternative Sailing
  • Arcadie Plaisance Arcadie Plaisance
  • Athenian Yachts Athenian Yachts
  • BE Charter BE Charter
  • Boomerang Charter Boomerang Charter
  • Challenge Ocean Challenge Ocean
  • DMS Sailing DMS Sailing
  • HDM Sailing HDM Sailing
  • Hermes Yachting Hermes Yachting
  • Iris Yachtcharter Iris Yachtcharter
  • Locaboat Locaboat
  • Locasail Locasail
  • ND Sails ND Sails
  • Open Sail Open Sail
  • Pitter Yachting - Nautic Alliance Pitter Yachting - Nautic Alliance
  • Punch Croisières Punch Croisières
  • SET SAIL - Amiral Nautic SET SAIL - Amiral Nautic
  • Star Voyage Star Voyage
  • Sunsail Sunsail
  • Ultra Sailing Ultra Sailing
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