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GlobeSailor selects the best professional yacht charter companies across the globe for its customers. We do not just offer any boat; for legal reasons, but also to ensure we are offering the highest quality service to our clients, so all of our ship owners have to meet certain requirements. This includes evaluating their quality of reception, maintenance of the boats, and security, to ensure our customers a successful and satisfying cruise.

Every year, our teams travel to visit our partner bases all over the world and check the maintenance of the boats and infrastructure.

When our customers return from their charter, we invite them to write a review of their experience regarding the boats and rental bases. This way we are able to offer a transparent service, so prospective clients can fully understand the reality of chartering with us. If a renter no longer meets our criteria or feedback is negative, we will automatically remove the fleet from our site.

Our partners

Dream yacht charter
MG yachts
CFC location
Crouesty location
Tendance voile
Liberty sea
VPM Best Sail
Kekeris Yachts
Tahiti Yacht Charter
Way Point Rovinj-Pula
Star Voyage
43 Parallelo
Classic Boat Charter
Sailing Europe Charter
NCP Charter
Ultra Sailing
Bomi Ship
AMC Event
Arcadie Plaisance
North Sardinia Sail
Vela Nomada Yacht Charter
Largest Gulet Fleet
Punch Croisières
Anchor Away
Dea Dei Mari
Exadas Yachts
Barcelona Yacht Charter
Blue Trend
Noa Yachting
Lava Charter
Dalmatia Charter
Pitter Yachtcharter
Free Charter
Nova Maris
Twave Luxury Charter
To Yacht by Navigare
SailItalia Charter
Angelina Yachtcharter
HDM Sailing
Astarea Yacht Center
m3 servizi nautici charter
Atlantique Location
Marina Hramina
Croatia Luxury Gulets
Oltre Mare
Patras Yachts
Sail Adventures
Sail Charter
Azimuth Charter
Shamandura Charter
Est Garda
Portorosa Charter
Cruise Annapolis
Ego Sailing Miami
Yachting 2000
Star Cruising
Sun Yachting Greece
Nomicos Yachts
Langkawi Cruise
Most Sailing

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