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Everything You Need to Know When Yacht Charter in Tenerife

Discover the breathtaking Canary Islands, especially Tenerife!
The island of Tenerife, the largest island in the beautiful archipelago of the Canary Islands, is 81 kilometers long and 41 kilometers wide. Of its volcanic origin, the largest volcano Teide has 16 kilometers in diameter. It is also the highest peak in Spain and culminates at 3,718 meters above sea level. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Teide National Park is one of the island's most precious treasures. During your yacht charter in Tenerife and your stopover on the island, we advise you to go to discover this place entirely.
Tenerife is, by its geographic and cultural wealth, a must-do. The navigation around Tenerife offers a great diversity of landscapes. You can make an enjoyable stop north of Punta de Antaquara in a beautiful bay surrounded by cliffs. And enjoy a quiet and well-sheltered anchorage. A few miles south, you will come to San Andres which houses the beautiful beach of Santa Theresa. The tropical climate of the Canaries offers ideal conditions and is considered one of the most pleasant in the world. As in the rest of the archipelago, sailing conditions are often ideal but can sometimes be sporty with the trade winds that accelerate around the islands. The sailors must, therefore, remain vigilant. With its two international airports, Tenerife is easy to access for a cruise in the Canary Islands.

When to visit

Tenerife is a year-round sailing destination with warm weather. Southern beach resorts are mainly popularized during December to March. During the time the weather is pleasantly warm. Except on El Teide National Park, where snowfall could happen in the mountain. In the summer periods, from May to September, you can have a lovely eleven hours of sunshine daily. The average temperature is 28°C in August. During the neighboring months, the temperature is slightly colder.

How to get there

There are two airports in Tenerife, one of them is Tenerife-North Airport that handles international flights. The other airport is Tenerife-South Airport, which is situated near Santa Cruz in the north of the island, it hosts mainly inter-island flights and a few international flights.

Top places to visit when yacht charter in Tenerife

  1. Parque Nacional del Teide

    Make sure you don't miss to visit this magnificent National Park. Here, you will enjoy landscapes that seem to come from another planet and breathe the pure air of the highest peak in Spain. You will walk in the middle of the volcanic lava and feel small compared to the extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage site.
    There are only a few places in the world where you can find world-class scientific facilities in an exceptional landscape. The facilities of the IAC (Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute) are among the most important in the world. You can visit them and get up close and personal to the secrets of the universe. An observatory was built in Tenerife because the island has the best sky in the world besides La Palma, Chile and Hawaii to observe stars. A regional law has set up regulations for light pollution and prevents the "progress" from robbing the inhabitants of Tenerife of one of those beautiful little pleasures that nature offers: viewing the canopy. Also, the island has an International Starlight Certification which promises an amazing stargazing experience.

  2. The Carnaval

    Happiness and colors take over the streets, and you feel like the main character of a big, improvised event. There is nothing that can stop you from enjoying what you have been waiting for a year: the carnival. The most famous festival on the island, which has filled Tenerife for centuries with laughter, rhythm, glitter. This is a massive festival with parades, music, dancing and colorful costumes. And a perfect time to blend in with the locals.

  3. Food and dining

    In addition to the typical potatoes and mojos, Tenerife offers an infinite number of typical dishes made from the best ingredients of the island. Fish, meat, legumes, vegetables, sauces, and delicious desserts can all be found during your yacht charter in Tenerife. The wine from Tenerife is the best choice as a companion for a meal, dessert, or a plate of Canarian cheeses. Whether white, rosé, red or Malvasia wine, in all the climate and the unique geological conditions of the island in the taste expressed. Around one hundred wineries in Tenerife, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an ethical wine in a unique setting, whether in their own facilities or in the restaurants where their products are sold.