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Sailing in Raiatea

The island’s location in the Pacific Ocean, and being part of the Leeward Islands, means that the optimal time to charter a yacht is between May and October. French Polynesia sees a warmer and drier climate in this period, and Raiatea is no exception. Sailing in this region can prove extremely enjoyable thanks to the moderate winds of between 15 and 20 knots. There is less humidity in this sailing period, which means you can experience Raiatea in its best light. The water is mild which renders going for a swim or scuba diving even more enticing.

The Best Activities in Raiatea

Mount Tapioi

Often touted as the highlight of a yacht charter holiday in Raiatea, this mountain hike provides the most unforgettable and magical views of the ocean and surrounding countryside. The shades of blue between the lagoon, ocean, and sky offer some incredible photo opportunities. It is a relatively quick hike meaning you can spend most of the day on the summit soaking in the sun and appreciating the natural beauty of your sailing destination. It is advised to do this early in the morning so you can be at one with the view without too many other tourists. Then, you can spend the rest of the day exploring the rest of what Raiatea has to offer!

Dive Under

Another extremely enjoyable activity in the island of Raiatea involves exploring the diverse landscape of the underwater world. An extensive range of diving spots awaits you, many of which are accessible on your chartered yacht. On the east coast, a sunken ship lies in a haunting yet fascinating site that proves popular with many visitors. If you are feeling brave enough, you can journey deeper into the Octopus Hole, a 24-metre-deep cave that is home to some intriguing wildlife. With further diving spots dotted around the island, you could nearly spend the majority of your sailing holiday submerged in the deep blue sea!

Sail to Taha’a

Located just a short sail away from Raiatea, this exquisite coastal jewel is the perfect escape to seclusion and paradise. Set amongst turquoise waters of a shared lagoon, those who journey on their chartered yacht here commend the natural beauty of the beaches, which are the epitome of an idyllic haven. Explore the fertile countryside inland or bask in the temperate waters surrounding the island. With vanilla plantations being abundant throughout the island, it is an essential stop-off for any sailing holiday in Raiatea.

Taputapuatea Marae

A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, this historical landmark is brimming with fascinating history of the culture and island life in the past. With carved statues dating back over a thousand years depicting the gods of the people, there is an immense sense of importance to this site. Chartering a yacht in Raiatea is the perfect way to become educated and inspired by the civilisations which were fortunate enough to call this island home. This area was clearly a pivotal meeting point for important events and is worth a visit during your sailing holiday in Raiatea.

Food in Raiatea

You are sure in for a treat when it comes to dining options in Raiatea, with the island boasting some of the most decadent food and drink options in French Polynesia. Whether you want to sample the island’s take on European classics in Opoa Beach Restaurant or stick to the bounty of the sea with Fish and Blue’s succulent menu. If you do not fancy sitting in for dinner, there are several food trucks which offer great vending options which you can bring back to your rented yacht to enjoy watching the sun set over Raiatea’s breathtaking coastline. Whatever tickles your fancy, you are sure to be satisfied here.

How to Get to Raiatea

In order to reach your chartered yacht destination, the most convenient mode of travel is by air via Tahiti, Bora Bora, or another of the larger Pacific Islands. You can also avail of ferries which can transport you to the islands, weather dependent. As the island itself is quite small, public transport is limited to taxis and buses (which do not run on weekends) but the most practical way to get around is on your boat as you can also appreciate the sheer natural beauty of this exquisite location.