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When is best to sail?

Thanks to a myriad of perfect sailing conditions, Volos is a perfect destination for any time of the year. Even the hindrance of the Meltemi winds is less severe thanks to the multitude of inlets and sheltered bays dotted along the coastline. Chartering a yacht in July and August would mean being among larger crowds due to it being the high season, so perhaps early summer or mid-autumn may align more with your preferences. September and October also see warmer sea temperatures, meaning swimming can prove more pleasant. Tranquil turquoise waters and the gentle breezes make Volos a simple sailing spot no matter your level of ability.

Reasons to Charter in Volos

Unforgettable Scenery

Greece is renowned for its immense natural beauty, and nowhere is this more evident than in Volos. Chartering a yacht on the tranquil, crystal-clear waters creates a new perspective on the vibrant green landscapes and dramatic mountains which line the shore. Journey inland and up Mount Pelion to benefit from perhaps the most impressive views of the countryside. With strong ties to Greek mythology, this hike will truly be one of the highlights of a charter holiday in Volos. Highlights include the village of Portaria, where the sea of greenery is interrupted by pretty, whitewashed buildings.


Speaking of quaint villages, this gorgeous location always proves popular among those who charter a yacht in Volos. Thanks to stunning architecture surrounded by luscious greenery, this pretty village is something to remember. Outdoor seating from most cafes and restaurants means you can take advantage of the beautiful surroundings as you enjoy a light lunch or a shot of tsipouro (a strong distilled spirit popular among the residents of Volos). Photo opportunities are endless thanks to the cobblestone streets and the unforgettable main square.

Pelion Railway

If you feel like taking a break from your chartered yacht, then this is the perfect change of scenery – a quaint, narrow-gauge railway which meanders through the iconic landscape of Volos. While it crosses over many stone and iron bridges, all you can do is gaze out the window in awe of the views. A popular tourist attraction, this used to be central in the industrial development of Volos. It is a unique and distinctive attraction that places Volos on a pedestal among other Greek destinations.

Immense History

Greece is renowned globally for a rich and textured history, and nowhere is this more evident than in Volos. In the Athanasakeion Archaeological Museum of Volos, witness the evolution of the civilisations that shaped Greece through artefacts and exhibitions, showcasing the most intriguing moments of history. Chartering a yacht in Volos enables you to journey into the past and see incredible artwork, sculptures and relics from the early Christian and Byzantine periods. Around the exterior of the museum, you are also free to explore fascinating reconstructions of houses in the Neolithic style of the past.

Where is best to eat in Volos?

It is easy to work up an appetite on your yacht charter holiday in Volos, so thankfully there is an abundance of restaurants, bars, and taverns to cater for every need. If you love seafood, you are in for a treat with Papadis, where the likes of octopus and shrimps are prepared to a high standard and served with a great sea view. If you fancy something that improves on the already delicious Greek favourties, Ba.Ca.Re. is the place to be. Here, innovative twists elevate their food to another level and is sure to be one of the highlights of your charter holiday to Volos. Or, if pizza is what you seek, then the Sogno di San restaurant offers the freshest produce in the comfort of a cosy outdoor environment. What more could you want?

How to get to Volos

Volos is served by Volos International Airport which offers some major international routes to large European cities. These routes tend to become more frequent during the high season. If your local airport does not fly to Volos, then Athens and Thessaloniki airports may be the way to go, followed by a bus link to your yacht charter destination. Bus transport exists in Volos but is sometimes infrequent. The best way to explore the locality is by sea, on your very own yacht. This gives you the independence and autonomy to experience the destination in the best way.