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The cultural differences in the Grenadines is as vast as the sea they sit in. Each with their own unique history. Boat building is a huge part of the Bequian culture, and they hold an annual regatta, Bequia Sparrow’s Premium Rum Easter Regatta. This annual sailing event is the largest regatta in the West Indies. Enjoy this regatta during your yacht charter in the Grenadines. This five-day event includes the children as well, there is a Sandcastle competition on Sunday. Bequia is the only island in the Grenadines where whaling is tradition and is allowed by the International Whaling Committee. This practice is sacred and a vital part of the diet of the people. On Union island, the people celebrate their African heritage by holding an annual Marron festival. This festival marks the beginning of the planting season and is accompanied by the Big Drum dance which has roots in African tribal heritage. This celebration is meant to entice the Gods to bring rain to the island. Another unique part of their culture is the Cake Dance which is performed when someone in the community is going to be married. In Carriacou, the people have Shakespeare Mas or Pierrot which occurs on Fat Tuesday. The men are dressed in knee-high socks, petticoats, white mask and are armed with bullwhips. They recite Shakespeare poems and if one doesn’t do well, they are struck by the bullwhip. The native language in the islands is English, however, different dialects such as French Patois, Portuguese and Bhojpuri are spoken on each of the islands.

Wildlife Hotspot

Many of the islands in the Grenadines have been classified as wildlife reserves or conservation areas. The crystal-clear waters surrounding the archipelago are unlike any other place in the world. Thanks to little development and tourism the area has stayed a haven for rare and endangered species to thrive. An example of this is the hawksbill turtles in the waters around Bequia and the Tobago Cays, both have turtle sanctuaries. The turtle sanctuary in Tobago cays is a nesting ground for Green, Hawksbill, and Leatherback Turtles. The Old Hegg Turtle sanctuary, founded by Orton “Brother’ King, in Bequia is specifically to save the turtles from extinction. Horseshoe Reef in the Tobago Cays is home to many underwater creatures and is the second healthiest reef in the Tobago Cays Marine Park. The Mayreau gardens has fringing reef that is the healthiest and most diverse reef in the Grenadines. Dive in Bequia and explore the fringing coral reef and 4 shipwrecks. The island Bettowia is also a wildlife reserve. The island is known as Bird Island by the locals because it is a roosting and nesting spot for an array of birds like gulls, boobies and the brown noddy. Your yacht charter in the Grenadines will be a vessel for discovery as you anchor in the shallow waters around the islands and explore the underwater landscape.

Little known facts about the Grenadines

During your yacht charter in the Grenadines, you will learn many things about the archipelago and it’s somewhat hidden history. For example, a lot of the southern islands in the Grenadines do not have all-year round access to freshwater. Some of the islands only source of fresh water is the water stored from the previous rain season. Two of the islands were featured in the best movies of the 21st century. Mayreau and the Tobago Cays were filming locations for the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Many of the islands in the Grenadines are the vacation destination for royals, billionaires and celebrities alike. Princess Margaret vacationed in Bequia so often, they renamed the beach after her. Also, she was given a piece of land on Mustique island where she built a private villa on the 10-acre land gifted to her by the previous island’s owner. If you’re an avid golfer, stop at Canouan island and visit the golf course that has been named one of the Top 10 of ‘Best Golf Courses’ in the world. The 18hole Jim Fazio designed championship golf course has some of the most scenic views. Hole 16 features a par 3 of 305 years, one of the longest in the world. On your yacht charter in the Grenadines, you will certainly visit Tobago Cays and snorkel to explore the gorgeous seabed and the coral reef. It may not look like it but most of the reefs are dominated by dead coral rubble. Most of this is attributed to natural threats like storm damage and bleaching.