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Top Things to See on a boat rental in Corsica

Travel to the west coast to enter the beautiful Scandola Natura Reserve. Only reachable by sea, a catamaran charter is the ideal way to discover the variety of flora and fauna living in this site. Only a three hour cruise from the Calvi marina, this reserve protects over 900 hectares of land and 1,000 hectares of sea. It is also a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site so there are a number of rules such as fishing is prohibited.
Located in Ajaccio, Musee Fesch, is a fine arts museum which holds the largest collection of Italian painting in France aside from the Louvre. Paintings date from the 14th century all the way to the 19th century. This museum also houses works of art from artists from the island as well as portraits of the Bonaparte family.
Navigate your catamaran charter in Corsica to Bonifacio to see Escalier du Roi d’Aragon (King Aragon Steps), the impressive 187 steps carved at a 45-degree angle into a cliff. The best way to see this spectacular cliff side is by a boat rental so you can see the steepness of the steps in its entirety. Legend has it, that these steps were carved out in one night during a failed siege of Bonifacio in 1420. Not far away, you can visit the Bonifacio Citadel, this fortification dates back to the 9th century! This structure built high up on the cliffs and hosts a fantastic view overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Adventure Island

Due to its fabulous landscapes both on land and sea, Corsica is a destination with a vast number of activities to choose from. Snorkel crystal clear waters or mountain bike through the scenic region. There is plenty to do both on and off your catamaran charter. Calling all sailors who enjoy testing their strength. Challenge yourself to the GR20 trail. This trail through the mountains spans from the north to the south of the island over an impressive 180km. It is considered to be one of the toughest trails to hike in Europe due to its distance and rugged terrain.

Corsican Cuisine

Surprisingly seafood is not as popular as one would think because of its location in the middle of the Mediterranean (if you are craving fish it is still quite easy to find). Rather, this island’s local meals have a heavy emphasis on meat. Traditional dishes include wild boar, veal, cheese, and chestnuts. You will also find a strong mix of Italian and French influence in many of the popular bites. While visiting various restaurants you may come across dishes such as Agneau Corse or Stufatu. Agneau Corse is roast lamb with potatoes while Stufatu is a lasagna dish made with three types of meat and packed with flavor. On your catamaran charter in Corsica, make sure to try fiadone. Sweet tooth sailors will love this local cheesecake made with brocciu, a traditional sheep or goat’s milk. Just as its culture is unique so is its food, so don’t miss your chance to taste some extraordinary recipes while cruising the island of beauty!

Getting to your boat rental

The island of beauty is located only 170km from the French coast and 80km from Italy. Its close proximity to each make it easy to get to by sea. Daily ferries are offered from both France and Italy, leaving to and from the islands various ports. Additionally, there are 4 airports located close to many of the popular towns scattered across the region. Each airport accommodates direct flights to various European cities making it fast and simple to access your catamaran charter in Corsica!