7216 Sailboats to Charter

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Why charter a sailboat?

Sailboats are a great option for the most experienced and beginners of sailors! There are many reasons why people often find sailboats more desirable than catamarans for example, but it really depends on what you’re looking for out of your cruise.

If it’s a proper hands-on sailing experience you’re looking for, then sailboats are the one for you; they’re quicker to tack and easier to manoeuvre with only one hull, making them also easier (and cheaper) to dock! There are a variety of destinations suited to those who want a relaxing sail, or a challenging adventure… tell one of our GlobeSailor advisors your level of experience and what you’re looking for, and they’ll help you find the perfect spot to rent a sailboat.

Sailboats are generally the cheapest option for a boat charter, so if you’re looking to keep prices down, they’re a great choice and there’s still an array of thousands of boats to choose from.

What are the best destinations for a sailboat charter?

The Mediterranean is indisputably the most popular area for sailboat charters, with the vast majority located here. Croatia is the favourite with everyone, with the glittering waters of the Adriatic and thousands of kilometers of enchanting coastline to navigate. Sailors travel from all over the globe to discover the beautiful islands of this country, which accounts for 25% of all sailboat charters. The next two most popular destinations for sailboats are Greece and Italy, which each account for 19% of rentals; so, it’s clear that the Mediterranean is the preferred cruising ground for these boats. Areas such as the Caribbean are great for sailing, but are more favoured for catamaran cruises, making up only 2% of sailboat charters.

Depending on what time of year you sail, different destinations will be more preferable if you’re looking for sun and ideal wind conditions. Navigation in summer means Europe, whereas in winter, people opt for the Pacific islands, South-East Asia or the Caribbean where the tropical sun will give you ideal cruising conditions between the months of November and April.

Sailboat Cabin Charter

Though the majority of our cabin cruises are aboard catamarans or gulets for example, we do have a handful of cabin charter options aboard sailboats. These are perfect for those who have never sailed before but are looking for a smaller-scale cruise, where you can perhaps learn the basics of navigation from your skipper during the trip, without any of the responsibility or pressure of controlling the boat! Or cabin cruises are great for anyone who just wants to sit back and relax and discover a new corner of the world in a completely unique and memorable way. For example, the extraordinary Arctic ‘Cruise and Ski in Norway’ aboard an Aztec Lady sailboat, which is perfect for any sailors who also have a passion for snowsports; or the Sicily cruise around the Aeolian Islands aboard a Sun Odyssey 52.2!

Budgeting for your charter holiday:

Sailboats are made for sailing, and are often less lavish than other types of boat which makes a charter generally cheaper. There are also a variety of smaller sailboats available in comparison to catamarans, for example, which means fuel, docking and general costs will be less. However, we still have a range of large sailboats available for charter, of up to 127ft; so there’ll be something to suit your requirements and budget.

The most popular sailboats chartered with us are the Sun Odyssey 36i, Bavaria Cruiser 46 and Oceanis 38 which range between €600 - €4600 for a week’s rental, depending on the time of year you sail, your destination and the year of the boat’s manufacture.

The essential check-list before setting sail…

If you’ve never been sailing or it’s been a while since your last trip, here are a few reminders/recommendations of what to bring to make sure you’re fully prepared for your charter. It’s best to be fully prepared and fully research navigation routes and weather forecasts before and during your holiday. Don’t hesitate to contact your GlobeSailor advisor at any point for any help organizing or preparing for your cruise.

Firstly, remember there is limited space in cabins, so opt for easily foldable luggage, not rigid suitcases or bags that can’t be compacted once on board.

Secondly, regarding navigation, do not forget bring a cruising guide of the area so you know all your options, and also official charts of your navigation zone. Sailboats for charter are generally equipped with the necessary guides and maps, but they can be in a foreign language, or damaged. You don’t want to take any chances and it’s always better to be overprepared, so it is best to bring your own maps and already have a route in mind, which you can then confirm with the base manager according to the local weather upon your arrival.

Do not forget your boat rental contract, your appropriate navigation licenses and permits, your train or plane tickets and your passport if necessary. In addition, check with your bank that you can proceed to pay the deposit of the boat by credit card imprint.

Each member of the sailboat crew should bring sunglasses, gloves, sunscreen, headtorch, warm jacket and non-slippery shoes (preferably white-soled). Depending on your destination, do not forget your hat or swimsuit! You’ll also want to make sure you have a stocked first aid kit on board with you. Fishing enthusiasts might want to bring their own equipment... It is also advisable to bring some good books or magazines to occupy yourself on board in your cabin or on deck in the sun! Board games and cards are also great for your evenings and aperitifs in the cockpit or in the saloon while others are busy cooking the catch of the day...

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it includes some of the essentials to consider packing before embarking on a sailing cruise.