8 catamarans in Portugal

Catamaran charter in Portugal

Three Reasons to Rent a Catamaran in Portugal

1. Favorable Sailing Conditions

The combination of a Mediterranean climate and breeze from the Atlantic Ocean make up the perfect conditions to charter a catamaran in Portugal. These conditions stay moderately the same year-round attracting sailors from around the globe at all points in time. Those near and far dream of coming to visit these sunny skies and blue waters. Additionally, Portuguese water temperatures show no major variations throughout the year, allowing sailors to jump off their boats to enjoy temperate waters whenever they may choose.

2. Atlantic Islands

Portugal is usually associated with being the small country that is wedged between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. However, many forget about its hidden gems floating in the middle of the ocean. The Azores and Madeira are Portuguese archipelagos that are a sailor’s paradise. A catamaran charter will be key to helping you explore what each enchanting island has to offer and gives access to landscapes not seen anywhere else in the world. Sailors can choose to rent a boat from mainland Portugal and strategically navigate their way to an island of their choice. Or for the sailors with less experience, they can simply arrive on the archipelagos by plane and board their Catamaran from one of the islands bustling marinas.

3. International Events

Due its fortunate sailing conditions, Portugal has been chosen to host many international sailing races and events. Having been selected to host such prestigious events, exhibits that it is an esteemed sailing location and the best destination for your next catamaran charter. During your charter you will be sailing among the greats. Some of the notable events that have taken place include:
Tall Ships Races: Every year, sailing races with over 50 boats take place to help educate people about sailing. In 2020 this event will commence from Lisbon, Portugal
Volvo Ocean Race: One of the world’s toughest competitions in sports, the finest and most trained sailors race around the world. Portugal has been selected as one of the 12 host locations for three consecutive years since 2016.
Centenary Celebration of the International Sailing Federation – Portugal was chosen as one of the host countries to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the governing body for the sport of sailing.

Portugal’s Pristine Beaches

The process of planning a charter holiday can be stressful. Planning, packing, and synchronizing schedules takes time and effort. However, once your feet touch onto one of Portugal’s white sandy beaches and gaze out at the infinite ocean horizon, all that strain will immediately become a distant memory. Portugal is synonymous for being home to striking beaches that can be enjoyed all year long. An extended coastline gives sailors hundreds of beaches to choose from that will fit there every need and want.

Seafood Extravaganza

I cod you not (no pun intended), Portugal has some of the best seafood in the world! Thanks to the countries idyllic location next to the ocean, the Portuguese are ranked as top fish and seafood consumers in the world. As you charter your way down the coastline, you are sure to find some of the freshest fish you’ve ever eaten. It is said that there are over 1,000 local recipes containing codfish. Not a fan of fish? No worries, Portuguese culture is packed full of other dishes exploding with flavor. Pasta de nata is a popular treat for those with a sweet tooth. This sweet egg tart was created by monks in the 17th century from leftover egg yolks and today remains a favorite among locals and tourists. A catamaran charter Portugal is sure to keep your heart and stomach full!

Getting There

Mainland Portugal is very accessible to get to from both within Europe and around the world. With three international airports, your catamaran charter is within a few kilometers car, bus, train, ride away.
The Azores: For those not sailing to the Azores, Ponta Delgada Airport is highly recommended to fly into.
Madeira: Madeira Airport receives several low-cost airlines coming from major European cities. A taxi from the airport will take about 15 to 20 minutes to get to many popular points of interests.