80 Catamarans to Rent in Thailand

Catamaran charter in Thailand

Where to explore when you charter a catamaran in Thailand…

Andaman Sea

When you charter in Thailand there are endless navigation options as there are hundreds of islands to be explored. On the west coast, islands such as Phuket and the Phi Phi islands make for stunning routes, with gorgeous views! With temples such as Wat Chaong and beaches like the golden sanded ‘Kata Beach’ in Phuket, it’s a great place to begin your catamaran charter. Spend a few days exploring the street markets and sampling local dishes, and then you can head out to the Similan islands for a spot of world-class diving! Or head south to the famous Maya Bay at Koh Phi Phi Don, where the 2000 film, ‘The Beach’ was shot. From here you can also sail to Krabi, which is home to magnificent natural wonders, and cloaked in luscious greenery; perfect for a nature-enthusiast!

Gulf of Thailand

You’ll be sailing in a different season if you rent a catamaran in the Gulf of Thailand; discovering different islands such as Pattaya (located about 100km south of the capital), Koh Samui, Koh Chang and Koh Tao. If you’re mooring at Pattaya, make sure you visit the floating market and the Sanctuary of Truth. When in Koh Chang, Koh Samui or Koh Tao, it’s more about exploring the beauty of the islands as a whole, as opposed to visiting specific sites; of course, there are numerous great spots to recommend, but soaking up the beaches and greenery is just as good! The jungle interior of Koh Samui is an idyllic spot for hiking and biking, and if you love diving, Koh Tao is surrounded by an abundance of awe-inspiring dive sites. In addition, mangroves, lakes and waterfalls are scattered across these islands, providing you with a glorious, refreshing escape from the touristy towns and cities, and will make you feel truly at-one with your surroundings during your catamaran charter.

24 Hours in Bangkok

The capital of Thailand, and one of the most visited cities in the world, Bangkok is somewhere you have to visit if you’re chartering in the islands. Not least because you will likely have to fly via the city to reach your catamaran charter base, but because it’s a unique experience of Thai life, infused with a backpacking culture which has taken over many parts of the city. It’s a place like no other, full of bustling markets, street food, artisan shops and much more.

Navigation Conditions

Thailand is known for it’s gorgeous weather, but don’t forget that this is only for half the year, as once monsoon season hits, it’s no time to go sailing! You don’t want to get caught in torrential rain every day of your catamaran charter because you haven’t done your research! So, if you want to head to Phuket or anywhere off the west coast, head there in winter (November-April) for the long dry days of sunshine and high temperatures, and if you want to charter in summer (May-October), head to the east coast islands like Koh Samui or Koh Pha Ngan.