11 Catamarans to Rent in Monaco

Catamaran charter in Monaco

Why should I charter a catamaran in Monaco?

1. The perks of the French Riviera

One of the biggest advantages of the French Riviera is the idyllic climate. The light winds, minimal tides and calm seas mean that a catamaran charter in Monaco is literally a breeze. The sheltered anchorages and easy line-of-sight navigation makes for excellent sailing conditions. The temperatures average between 21 to 27 degrees which is great for all types of water sports and for sunbathing in general. The best time for a charter would be between April-October so you can make the most of pleasant sunshine.

2. Cuisine

The dishes specific to Monaco marry both the flavours of its neighbours France and Italy, two of the best food cultures in the world. It’s therefore no wonder that the food in Monaco is delicious; safe to say that you will be eating well during your sailing holiday. Naturally being by the sea, there is a wide selection of fresh sea food available to enjoy, as well as many locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables. Eating out can easily become expensive but with a selection of cheaper restaurants available in the town, you have no excuse not to sample local dishes. There are also many supermarkets and markets dotted around the town which means you can easily provision and cook using the fully-equipped and spacious kitchen in your catamaran.

3. Marvellous nature

Whether it be in or out of water, Monaco has so many wonderful natural resources and sites to see and explore. Visiting the nearby green spaces, beaches and coves is also a fantastic way to stay physically active during your catamaran charter in Monaco. Each natural reserve has amazing views and scenery to offer and even sitting among this unspoilt beauty will enable you to relax, unwind and feel closer to nature and to wild life. There are many rare and exotic species of plants which you can learn about by visiting the botanical gardens.

24 hours in Monaco: a visit to Fontvieille

Fontvieille is a region located in the west of Monaco. It is relatively small is size and is made up of a church, buildings and a beautiful port which provides safe and pleasant anchorage possibilities. Although a trip here may not take a full day, we would highly recommend setting some time aside from your catamaran charter in Monaco to explore this pleasant part of the town.
Within the centre, the famous Saint-Nicolas church and the Louis II Stadium are the most noteworthy monuments to see. The church is modern in style and has a huge square and fountain attached. It sits in the centre of the town, so a visit here will be easy to organise and schedule. The Louis II Stadium is a large sport complex used for multiple sports in Monaco, most notably football and athletics. The centre is also equipped with a swimming pool and diving facilities.
If you have time to venture outside the town into the countryside nearby, the Saint Jean Windmill will deliver a sense of authentic French culture to your visit. This is an olive oil windmill and a visit to the site will teach you how the windmill works, how it is used today and how the olive oil is cultivated and later marketed. A visit here will include a tasting session of the various types of olive oil and you will learn how to differentiate between flavours, how to recognise a good olive oil and how to cook with it in and use it in the kitchen. The other famous windmill, Daudet Windmill, has also recently re-opened and is now available for visits every day for a small fee of 2 €.
Montauban Castle. This building was a place of serenity and tranquillity for Alphonse Daudet and now is a public museum and exhibition centre which enables tourists to learn more about the writer, his interests and history.

How to get to your catamaran charter in Monaco

Located in the South of France and close to other major cities, Monaco is easy to get to by many modes of transport. While there are excellent bus and train lines, the best way to navigate around this destination is clearly by boat. Renting a catamaran will give you freedom and flexibility which extends beyond being restricted by bus times, meaning you have the possibility to discover new places according to your own schedule and decide for yourself the itinerary you want to follow.