15 Catamarans to Rent in Madagascar

Catamaran charter in Madagascar

Madagascar’s Natural Wonders

Much of Madagascar’s natural beauty remains untouched, and as such proves to be an exceptional natural playground waiting to be explored and uncovered. Here are some of the island’s most exceptional sites which should be visited when you charter a catamaran here.

1. Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

This phenomenal geological marvel is worth the journey inland from your catamaran and is probably the most iconic landscape on the island of Madagascar. A feat of erosion and corrosion, jagged limestone rocks line cascades hundreds of feet high – certainly, a national park for the brave-hearted. Initially, the park was inaccessible to the public, but an extensive renovation and creation of aerial bridges now makes it Madagascar’s most notable attraction. Look out for the curious wildlife which call this unusual terrain home.

2. Ile Sainte Marie

If you fancy staying closer to your chartered catamaran and still benefitting from breathtaking views of the crystalline waters of Madagascar, this quiet haven is the perfect place to visit. Here, be amazed at the diverse sea life visible beneath the surface – even better if you choose to go snorkeling. Top up your tan on the fine sandy beaches and be sure to spot some humpback whales in the distance. This lagoon is perfect for anyone looking to relax in a tropical haven.

3. Isalo National Park

Another exquisite location, Isalo National Park is the ideal site for a swim and an exploration of Madagascar’s most extensive collection of flora and fauna. Not too far from where you can dock your catamaran, journey inland and uncover the homeplace of the island’s lemur population, trees with elephant roots, and heavenly natural pools, perfect to cool off in the warm weather. Everywhere you turn there is unique and wonderful natural beauty, which is what makes Madagascar so compelling.

4. The Three Bays

Chartering a catamaran in Madagascar means you can see the tranquil waters and the luscious green vegetation from a new and fresh perspective. Possibly one of the more beautiful locations in the island, the Three Bays is perfect for sailing and swimming. Take it one step further and swap your catamaran for a kayak or take to the skies with windsurfing. Fans of watersports are sure the adore this fantastic coastal retreat.

When is the best time to sail in Madagascar?

Madagascar benefits from year-round sunshine, with temperatures ranging from the mid-20s to low-30s. However, the best time to charter a catamaran in this part of the Indian Ocean is definitely in the winter months. Rain and winds averaging 45 knots occur in the summer meaning it may not provide the most suitable sailing conditions. December to March sees Madagascar’s high season, with the envious sunshine being perfect to sail and take a dip in the crystalline waters. Rain is more difficult to predict for the region, but you can be assured that the drier spells occur over these winter months.

How to get to Madagascar

When it comes to flying to Madagascar, several European cities, such as Paris and Berlin, provide direct flights to Ivato International Airport which is located in the capital of Antananarivo. There are no direct flights from the UK or the US, but layovers in either the European airports or Nairobi can connect you with this stunning destination. In order to reach your chartered catamaran, there are airport shuttles, rental car companies, bus networks and taxis providing transport. There is no rail travel in Madagascar.