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With about 2000km of coastline, Italy has a wide variety of climates and sailing conditions. Strong and impetuous winds like the mistral or the tramontane descend on the western coast of the peninsula and sometimes raise the sea on the Sardinian, Tuscan and Roman coasts.
The optimal conditions of navigation begin from the second half of June and last until mid-October. This is the perfect time for the less experienced and idlers. Possession of a license or a nautical license is required to rent a boat in Italy.
It is easy to do a yacht charter in Portisco. Boat rental in Italy is widespread, especially along the Italian west face facing the Tyrrhenian Sea and south facing the Ionian Sea. Discover also a multitude of beautiful islands such as Capri, Forio, Portoferraio, Ponza. Sardinia is one of the most popular sailing areas of the Mediterranean. At any anchorage or port, you will never be far from an excellent site. Isolated coves and beautiful bays provide all the boats a safe shelter from the gale. Yacht charter in Portisco allows you to discover the treasures of Sardinia while enjoying the pleasures of navigation. Marina Di Portisco is an excellent starting point, and you will easily find a boat for rent.

How to get there: Portisco is well connected to the long-distance highway system. Olbia, the central city of the region, is just 20 minutes from Portisco. The airport of Olbia - Costa Smeralda is shorter than 20 km from the Portisco port. The Golfo Aranci commercial port is also just a few minutes apart.

Sailing Route When Yacht Charter in Portisco:

Here is an example of a cruise itinerary in Sardinia among many others. Do not hesitate to ask advice from your charter company to create your personalized cruise in Sardinia with them.
The base of departure: Cannigione
Finish: Cannigione (7 days)

Boarding takes place at the port of Cannigione. Take the helm to Porto Cervo (4miles), a famous resort with beautiful sandy bays and perfectly translucent water.
Direction Porto Rotondo (8miles), one of the most beautiful places of the Costa Smeralda. Enjoy a splendid bay to admire the seabed and tan under a hot sun. Then sail to the island of Mortorio (3miles) to its charming bays, which is the paradise for divers.
Sail to the island of Caprera (10miles) which will enchant you with its anchorage (Porto Palma). Head for Isola (13miles), a very charming former fisherman's village. The coastline has fantastic landscapes with beautiful sandy beaches. Nearby, the coves of pink granite rocks are well worth the detour.
Your cruise in Sardinia is, unfortunately, coming to an end. Let yourself be carried by the waves to Cannigione to disembark. All you have to do is charter a boat now!

About the Destination

Portisco is a charming marina located in the Gulf of Cugnana on the beautiful 'Costa Smeralda' in northwestern Sardinia. You will find all the modern facilities any marina needs, to have a pleasant, convenient and comfortable stopover. Between Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, at the bottom of a beautiful bay with beautiful shores in a natural cove, the marina of Portisco is attached to the small and charming city of Olbia. The international airport of the same name is only twenty kilometers away, and you will easily find a taxi service on your arrival. The marina has also been awarded the blue flag medal for its comprehensive environmental management. Aside from Marina Di Portisco, there are obviously several beaches in the region and the western side of the Gulf of Cugnana occupies the stunning beach of Portisco. At one hand it is adjoined by the island, and at the north, it is adjoined by rugged strip. Notwithstanding, the beach is ample of white sand which has a captivating scenery amongst the nearby rocky lands.
Sardinia is saturated with spectacular beaches and coastline which have been luring visitors and locals for many years. Sardinia is the 2nd largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily. Sardinia has a rich and preserved natural heritage. It offers exceptional landscapes to its visitors, at sea and on land. The marina di Portisco is an ideal starting point to sail along the "Costa Smeralda," in the archipelago of La Maddalena, a natural park with idyllic beaches or to the south of the island of beauty. On the ground, you will find many shops, restaurants, car rental agencies, shipyards and technical services of quality. You will be fascinated by this pleasant and comfortable stop that opens the doors of a navigation basin of unusual attraction.