442 Catamarans to Rent in Italy

Catamaran charter in Italy

Three Reasons to Charter a Catamaran in Italy

1. Mediterranean Climate

Italy’s typical Mediterranean climate makes it perfect for a catamaran charter holiday. The hot, dry summers with hours of sunshine each day create optimum conditions for sailing. In the south especially, the months of July and August are very hot, often averaging 30°C, so what better way to enjoy the heat and sunshine than cruising through a light breeze on your very own catamaran – crewed or bareboat! There can be stronger winds in the Adriatic, meaning that some sailing zones are more suited to experienced sailors, but generally conditions are mild and consistent; therefore, ideal for a boat charter!

2. Thousands of kilometres of coastline…

With more than 7500km of rugged coastline, home to diverse and exciting towns and cities, Italy has so much to offer for a catamaran charter. You can rent a boat from destinations all over the country; from historical Rome, to enchanting Venice, to rustic Tuscany, to the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, to picture-perfect Sardinia… you will not be short of choices. Italian waters are synonymous with stylish sailing, so pick the perfect destination to suit you and discover the charms of the Mediterranean aboard your catamaran!

3. Remarkable Roman Ruins

History-lover or not, Italy will not fail to amaze and astonish with its impressive historical attractions all over the country. Home to more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country in the world, the lingering flavours of a glorious, celebrated heritage far-gone, lives in harmony with the modernity of a developed nation. Stroll through the charming baroque streets of Rome and visit the illustrious Colosseum and Pantheon, or wander the impressive remains of the city of Pompeii which fell victim to the eruption of neighbouring volcano, Mount Vesuvius in 79AD.

Temptation of Tuscany

With its lyrical landscapes and seductive scenery, Tuscany has long been appreciated for its painterly natural beauty. With an abundance of incredible art-filled churches and museums, and rustic towns and villages scattered across the golden wheat fields and silver olive groves; it’s an area like no other for a catamaran charter. Discover its rural charm and taste the unique flavours of the fresh, local produce which infuse every dish, also making Tuscany a real gourmet destination of Italy.

WE RECOMMEND… Moor your catamaran at one of our many charter bases in the region and spend a day in Florence and visit the magnificent Duomo; constructed with stunning pink, white and green marble, it towers over the medieval city. Maybe take a bus out to the town of Chianti in the afternoon, and get lost in the postcard-perfect vineyards (which produce the grapes used in the namesake world-renowned red wines).

Culinary Craftsmanship

The pizza/pasta/ice-cream stereotypes we all associate with Italy only scratch the surface of the country’s wondrous array of gastronomic delights. A catamaran charter in Italy will be a real treat for all you foodies, as the list of mouth-watering dishes to try is literally endless… Of course, you will eat a Margherita and a Carbonara at some point and it will be glorious, but don’t restrict yourself, be adventurous! Why not try ‘Osso buco alla Milanese’ which comprises veal shanks braised in a garlicky white wine sauce with various seasonal vegetables, or the spicy ‘Cacciucco’ seafood stew native to Livorno. Or if you rent a boat from Tuscany, don’t miss out on the chance to sample the sublime truffles - coveted worldwide – which are grown in the region and are a key element in Italian cooking.

Getting There

There are many international airports located all over Italy, so flying into a spot near your catamaran charter base will be easy!

  • Tuscany: Florence Airport, Peretola is located 4km north west of the centre of Tuscany’s capital, Florence.
  • Sardinia: Olbia Airport is located in the town of Olbia, on the north east coast of the island of Sardinia.
  • Campania: Naples International Airport is located 5.9km north east of Capodichino in Naples.