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Zadar is one of the best sailing destinations in Croatia, yet is not always the first choice for sailboat, motor boat, or other types of charters. This may seem unusual once you arrive in Zadar and begin sailing throughout the day. With a rich cultural heritage which includes stunning scenery of the Adriatic, you won’t want to spend one instant in your cabins or in the berths of the marina. The appeal of each island of this part of Croatia for bareboat and crewed yachts is the lack of crowds, making your sailing experience more authentic. The final max price of the berths is less than that of neighbouring cities, and you are more likely to be able to book a day charter for your yacht of choice.

The unique art installations available to view in Zadar

The ‘Sea Organ’ of Zadar, built in 2005, is an iconic sculpture in Croatia, known across the length and breadth of all the islands. It is a stunning piece by Nikola Bašić which emits a sound because of wave action. It is a gorgeous nautical melody to hear during your sailing week, and the sound will stay with you long after the instant you return to the cabins in the marina. Other creations by this artist includes another piece for Zadar, available to visit during your yacht charter. ‘Greeting to the Sun’ is comprised of intricate glass placements with solar cells. They absorb the sun’s energy during the day so they can have a final illumination at night. These are landmarks in Croatia to see during your rentals that have no price, no queues, and are wonderful optional alternatives to a walk in the park or remaining in the bay on your charters during your sailing holiday in Zadar.

The Best National Park of Croatia?

With your yacht charter in Zadar, Kornati National Park is (depending on your boat) just 2-3 hours away – a magical place in the heart of Croatia. With over 100 islands and cliffs, this unique site will leave you speechless from the instant you arrive on your rentals. Whether diving from your boat charters for a swim, sightseeing, or looking to view rare marine wildlife from the deck of your yacht charter or even in your cabins, you can learn about the many protected habitats here and keep the boredom at bay. Kornati is a perfect day trip during your sailing holiday in Zadar from day one until your final sail.

View the impact of centuries-old civilisations on Zadar

During your yacht charter in Zadar, it will be easy to notice the impact of the Allied bombing during the Second World War on Croatia. But you will also notice details of a rich and layered history dating back a long time and lasting to the modern day, including the Church of St. Chrysogon, symbol of Zadar, which is a beautiful medieval basilica built in the twelfth century and the Cathedral of St. Anastasia built in the thirteenth century. Throughout the year, those who choose rentals in Zadar love to visit these architectural marvels every day due to their low price and stunning details. For those who want to take an optional break from sailing on the sea throughout Kornati, visiting the Land Gate is a fascinating option, and a wonderful way to pass the day. Alternatively, a visit on your bareboat or crewed yachts to Dugi Otok could be an instant favourite.

Exotic blue sea at Dugi Otok

Sakarun, one of the most famous beaches to visit by sailboats and other yachts in the Zadar region, is located on the northwest coast of Dugi Otok. The beach is unique and beautiful as it includes white sand (rare in Croatia) and beautiful turquoise-blue sea. It is the perfect final sailing spot for your yacht charter holiday if you are searching for serenity with a view, and every skipper will recommend sailing here from the marina in an instant. A pine forest borders the beach which offers ample shade during intense warm periods in the day. It is about 800 metres in length, with a depth of 3.5 metres 250 metres from the coast, which means that the bathing bay is suitable for small children. Dock your boat, go for a dip, and feel at peace surrounded by the island.

When is best for yacht rentals in Zadar?

Zadar, like most sailing locations in Croatia, is a hotspot for yacht charter holidays thanks to each island in Kornati, and the incredible Dugi Otok. People love to spend a week or more on their boat charters, sailing across the Adriatic Sea to view the islands nearby. The max price of docking your yacht in the marina depends on the length of the boat and the time of year you choose to charter (and of course, whether you choose skipper or bareboat). July and August are the busiest times of the year (especially the final week in July) for a yacht charter in Zadar when you see berths are at max capacity and people resting in their cabins every night. To avoid crowds, why not charter in September, when the price for berths is lower, and the weather is equally as pleasant for sailing. With temperatures in Croatia at this time of year in the high twenties, you can spend every instant of the day soaking up the sun, and then exploring the vibrant social scene in Zadar by night.

How to get to Zadar?

Croatia has 9 airports, a max of 6 which are international. Choose the one closest your yacht charter marina. The main ones are Zagreb, Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik. All of them have a large influx throughout the year, operating at max during the summer weeks. We have several optional rental partners located in the Zadar region, which includes the Zadar Marina, Borik Marina, Petrčane, Zut, Olive Island Marina, Preko and Konati. If arriving in Zadar from another European city, you can get details on available low-price flights offered by Ryanair, EasyJet and FlyBe to your final sailboat or catamaran destination. Book your yacht charter in Zadar today!