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Charter a Catamaran: The Best Way to Discover Antilles

1. Postcard-Worthy Beaches

It’s rare that a beach looks better in real life than it does in the photos, but that’s the reality of the paradise that is Antilles; floury white sands beneath your toes and bath-tub warm azure waters to swim in under the heat of the glowing Caribbean sun. A catamaran charter here means you will be able to spend your days on idyllic beaches such as the unspoilt pink sands and crystal-clear waters of the ‘17 mile beach’ in Barbuda. Or head to the more wild-feeling ‘Anse de Gouverneur’ in St. Barthelemy, where golden sands border hills clocked in green vegetation.

2. Caribbean Climate

The islands of Antilles are governed by a Caribbean climate, which basically means that outside of hurricane season (June 1st-November 30th), blue skies, sunshine, hot temperatures and consistent mild winds (averaging between 10-20 knots) are a given! Catamaran charters here are a dream, and as a result, sailors come from all over the world to enjoy the exquisite conditions and mooring opportunities, with beautiful, well-equipped marinas at every turn.

3. Mesmerizing Marine Life

Throughout Antilles, there is a vast range of exotic marine species inhabiting the waters and reefs. Whether diving, snorkeling, swimming or simply watching from your boat, during your catamaran charter you will likely come across some incredible wildlife! Sea turtles, sting rays and Great Barracuda can be sighted anywhere in Caribbean waters, but set sail to the British Virgin Islands if you want to glimpse the magnificent colours of a Parrot fish. Likewise, dolphins and whales roam around the whole region, but Grenada is particularly known for good sightings, and if you navigate through the waters of St. Lucia, you may even be lucky enough to come across an orca!

Captivating Culture

Each with distinct history, tradition and culture, the islands of Antilles are largely shaped by their colonial heritage. A catamaran charter here will be an exhilarating discovery of the individual character of islands such as the Dominican Republic, which was the first permanent establishment of the ‘New World’, and is a fusion of European and African cultures. The joining together of different traditions and influences to form their own, unique cultures can also be seen in the cuisine of islands such as Guadeloupe, where local dishes and specialties boast influences of French, African and Indian roots.

Lush Landscapes

Antilles is cloaked in breathtaking scenery… beaches, mountains, rainforest, volcanoes. If you charter a boat from Puerto Rico, make sure you pay a visit to Cueva Ventana, a window in a cave atop a cliff, with magnificent views. Or head to El Yunque National Park, where vivid shades of green make up a tropical jungle on the island, and waterfalls such as ‘La Mina Falls’ make for a refreshing dip and a spectacular sight, unique to any other experiences during your catamaran charter. If your navigation takes you past Guadeloupe, there is a multitude of breathtaking natural wonders, such as the Soufriere volcano, the ‘Porte d’Enfer’ and various hot springs. Therefore, a boat rental in Antilles will be a lot more than just sailing and sea, and you will have the chance to explore some of the islands’ most beautiful spots.

How do I reach my destination?

There are a multitude of airports serving international flights on a variety of islands in Antilles, and many offering internal flights, so getting to your catamaran charter base will be easy. Plus, we offer transfers right to your marina from the airport (at an extra cost), so be sure to inform your GlobeSailor advisor if you require this.

  • Grenada: Maurice Bishop International Airport, located 8km north of the capital, St. George’s.
  • Saint Martin: Princess Juliana International Airport, Saint Martin.