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Splendid and preserved, the island of Praslin in Seychelles offers an Edenic setting for a stay in Seychelles. It is a very beautiful sailing stopover in the Seychelles archipelago during your sailing holiday in Praslin.

Places not to miss when yacht chartering in Praslin

About the Black Parrot Island

Praslin, the Black Parrot Island, is located 36 km northeast of Mahé. The island is particularly well served from Mahé. If you take your chartered yacht in Praslin, you'll arrive at Mahé in 45 minutes. Praslin comes just after Mahé, in terms of area and population. It covers 26 km², 11 km long by 4 km wide which makes it perfect for a Praslin yacht charter holiday. Discover the Vallée de Mai, Seychelles National Park, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll through this tropical forest with its many signposted routes. It is home to 7,000 sea coconuts, also known as coconut buttocks, due to the rounded nuts produced by female coconut trees.

Heaven for wildlife

The Vallée de Mai is a wonderful haven of all sorts of birds. Rare Seychelles birds like black parrots enjoy themselves in the wild forest here.

The beaches of Praslin

The beaches of Praslin are of great beauty. On the northwest coast, Lazio Cove offers an idyllic setting for swimming and snorkeling. You will find turquoise water, fine sand bordered by large rocks, shade provided by tropical trees everywhere on the island during your yacht charter in Praslin. Basking in the sun on a magical beach while enjoying a cold beer, this moment will surely stay with you as one of the best moments in your life.

Experience the best side of life

Georgette Cove Lazio Cove is one of the splendors of Seychelles, but it is not the only one. On the north coast of Praslin, Anse Volbert, also known as Côte d'Or, is home to hotels with traditional charm and villas of great comfort. Perfect for a stay dedicated to nautical pleasures. At 1 km from the island of Praslin, the protected islet of Curieuse is revealed. The maritime area between Praslin and this protected islet is part of the Curieuse Marine National Park.

The untouched islands

Make way for the authentic nature of Seychelles, between multicolored fish and sea turtles growing on Curieuse. Another protected islet is accessible from Praslin. This is Cousin, where you can't smoke, picnic, or dive. In return, you can meet the birds that make the reputation of the islets of Praslin, such as the white gull, the straw-hair, the frigate, or the fairy tern. Next to Cousin, lies the islet of Cousine, which houses the villas of a very luxurious hotel, but perfectly integrated into the dazzling nature of Seychelles. Make sure to stop by these 2 islands when yacht chartering in Praslin.

The May Valley in Praslin

May Valley in Praslin is in the heart of the Indian Ocean, a string of tropical pearls forms one of the most beautiful archipelagos on the planet: Seychelles. Its green scenery and fine sandy beaches never cease to make travelers from all over the world dream. However, the Seychelles islands are full of secrets that just need to be discovered, especially the island of Praslin, one of the largest in the archipelago. In its heart is one of the most beautiful treasures on the planet: The Valley of May. This magnificent tropical forest, almost devoid of human activity, is preserved in its original state. Dive into the heart of this unique universe in the world.

Discovering the original paradise, Garden of Eden on earth

The May Valley is a forest, partly primary, composed mainly of palm trees endemic to the archipelago, some of which have survived through the ages since prehistoric times. You will find the famous sea coco, the plant that gives the largest seed in the plant world. Commonly called coco buttocks because of its very particular shape. The largest specimens are several meters high, with leaves up to 6 meters wide and 14 meters long.
The forest, covering 19 hectares, is currently the largest sea coconut plantation on Earth. Nevertheless, this forest is unique in its current state, very similar to all the forests that covered the surface of the planet during the prehistoric era.
It shows us how vegetation has evolved over time. Thus, the Vallée de Mai serves as a science workshop in which scientists study plant evolution. Many people consider the site to be an identical replica of the mythical Garden of Eden, the original paradise. This unique area in the world has earned worldwide recognition.