29 Catamarans to Rent in Mexico

Catamaran charter in Mexico

Catamaran rental bases in Mexico

Marina Riviera Nayarit

It is located on the north coast of Banderas Bay in a quiet and sheltered area, which also offers a magnificent view of the entire bay. It is the only one on the Pacific coast that offers a complete service, from maritime shops such as shipyard, restaurant, laundry, and even car rental. Don't forget to fill up the catamaran's tank before returning, you may be charged additional fees from the rental site!

Paradise Village Marina

This marina has been chosen as the best in Mexico by Pacific Coast Sportfishing magazine and included among the 100 best in the world. Therefore, leaving and returning from this point is a good option to start your cruise or simply rest in its wonderful facilities. It forms a series of natural channels where you can moor your boat and enjoy the calm surrounding you.

Marina Cortez, La Paz

It is in the heart of La Paz Bay and has excellent mooring technology unique to the area. Located in Baja California, in a quiet area, it can accommodate even the largest boats—a catamaran in Mexico will have no difficulty in anchoring. This marina offers you a wide variety of services, from Wi-Fi, parking, car rental and excursions. You can also hire other services, from water sports such as scuba diving to land sports such as horseback riding or hiking.

5 typical Mexican dishes

Considering that Mexican gastronomy is an expression of its world cultural heritage, even in many cases people travel to the country to taste and sample the great culinary offerings it has to offer, it is not surprising that in 2010 it became a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, as it comprises a culture, practices and behaviours that are highly appreciated throughout the world. In addition, 30% of the money spent by tourists in the country goes to food, so rent a catamaran in Mexico and do not leave without trying the dishes we recommend here:

Enchiladas: Similar to tacos, but much hotter. They contain quite a lot of cheese and the recipe may vary depending on the area of Mexico.

Tacos: Mexican tacos are one of the most famous dishes in the world. It consists of corn tortillas filled with meat, chillies, tomatoes and onions. We can also find many varieties, combining it with different sauces or simply with different meats.

Empanadas: Although it is a well-known dish throughout Latin America, in Mexico it takes the name of "antojitos mexicanos" and the most common ones are those filled with sweet ingredients.

Totopos: Although internationally known as nachos. They are small corn crisps that are served with cheese, jalapeños or chopped vegetables.

Tamales: Comes from an indigenous dish that consists of wrapping ingredients such as chicken or pork stew, cheese, beans and many more, depending on the region, in corn husks.

A 24-hour stopover

The city of Mazatlán is a booming tourist destination mainly due to its beautiful beaches, however, you can find so much more, from a great diversity of cultural activities to sports.

If you decide to make a stopover in your catamaran rental in Mexico in this city founded in the sixteenth century by the conquistadors who arrived in Mexico, you can still find traditional buildings and emblematic places from this period.

The historical centre is a quiet place where you can find small restaurants with traditional Mexican food. In addition, our recommendation is that you visit the cathedral, the Angela Peralta theatre, the numerous squares and some of the museums such as the archaeology museum.

The city is mainly known for its small squares with gardens and terraces, so our recommendation is to walk around the Plazas República and Machado, known for their buildings, monuments surrounding them and the beautiful French style kiosk in the Plaza Machado. As for the beaches, all of them are located in the 21 km of the seafront promenade where you will find spectacular shops and views, which is why many people call it "the Pearl of the Pacific".