97 Catamarans to Rent in Polynesia

Don't miss it in Polynesia

What a catamaran Charter in Polynesia offers.

1. Plenty of activities – both onshore and off shore

Polynesia certainly is a relaxing space; the pace of life is slower and everyday rhythms are dictated by nature which forces us to slow down and ‘go with the flow’. There is no doubt that the beautiful stretches of beaches will be an easy way to shake off your jet lag and once you are feeling more energised, and ready for adventure, the islands have you covered. There are many nature reserves, outdoor activity centres, beaches and pools to enjoy as well as heritage sites, museums and art galleries.

2. Guaranteed sunshine

Due to its geographic location, it’s no surprise that Polynesia is a tropical climate. You can organise a charter for nearly any time of the year because this holiday destination is nearly always warm, and temperatures don’t drop lower than 20 degrees any day of the year. In saying that, the drier season tends to be April-October, so we would recommend a catamaran charter in Polynesia during these months.

3. Sail like a pro

Even if you’re not a pro, you can sail like a pro because the vast body of the Pacific gives you the open space and freedom to learn new skills or improve your navigation. Sailing is made easy in Polynesia with a pleasant wind averaging at 15-20knots throughout the year. The islands boast several berths and services ashore and offer many possible anchorages. Always be careful when anchoring not to damage wild life or to harm reefs.

Catamaran charter itinerary to Polynesia

Polynesia is so huge that it is impossible to hit every single island in one charter; but with this intense yet concise guide to your boat rental, you will certainly be able to experience a lot of it.

Day 1 – Tahiti

Discover the island’s main town Papeete, roaming the market places which are stacked with fresh fruit and vegetables, and the charming side streets and alleys. There are also plenty of pretty gardens on the island to explore where you could sip an afternoon coffee and recharge after a busy morning. This island is generally lively, and the buzzing nightlife is no exception, providing a pleasant contrast to the laid-back feel on the other islands. There are nightclubs but there are also dance halls which have a more relaxed vibe created by the live music. Make sure to have dinner in one of the main squares e.g. la Place Vaiete which is bursting with local life, street art and street food.

Day 2 – Moorea

Gently cruise the 12 nautical miles from Tahiti to its western neighbour Moorea. It may only be 51 square miles, but there is no short of activities and attractions on the island. The main attraction is the Belvedere which is an unmissable view point, and certainly one of the things you should see during your day here. At the highest point, you can see the most well-known bays of the island as well as the rest of the natural surroundings. If you want to see more of the island by land, the braver among you may rent bikes but you could also consider renting a scooter or an electric bike.

Day 3 – Huahine

Hauhine is a 90 nautical mile sail from Moorea but it is arguably the most beautiful island in the entirety of French Polynesia so fair to say that it is worth the trip. The island is also the most geographically diverse of the islands in the Society Archipelago with its rugged mountainous terrains and dazzling blue lagoons, as well as luscious and wild jungle and tropical wildlife. Maybe this is the reason why it is also known as ‘The Garden Island’; any nature lover will be spell bound by its natural and magical intrigue.

Day 4 – Taha’a (Vanilla Island)

This island has earnt its name because it produces up to 80% of French Polynesia’s vanilla. This means that the island is filled with a divine scent of vanilla and full of vanilla farms which you can tour around to learn more about the production of this plant. Guided visits are a refreshing option during your catamaran charter in Polynesia to do something different and to be learn more about local culture.

Day 5 – Raiata

Raiata shares its lagoon with its sister island Taha’a and will again give you a true authentic Polynesian experience; less frequented by tourists and less populated than its neighbours Tahiti and Bora Bora, this island may be ‘petite’, but it is brimming with charm and delights. Its name in translation means ‘faraway heaven’… are you convinced yet?

Day 6/7 – Bora Bora

We weren’t being lazy…. We seriously felt it was more than necessary to dedicate 2 days to Bora Bora because it is one of the most famous islands in the world. The name ‘Bora Bora’ conjures up many sensations and visions in the mind of a reader and making at least a 24 hour stop-over on the island during your catamaran charter in Polynesia is indisputable. A trip here and you are predestined for the ultimate holiday experience; you can learn more about the history of the island in the museums and open exhibitions and you can explore your natural surroundings by swimming, walking and sailing.

How to get to your catamaran charter in Polynesia

Many leading UK and US airlines fly directly to the international airports in Polynesia, Faa’a International Airport Papeete is one example of an airport you can fly to. Make sure you grab a window seat because a bird’s eye views of the archipelagos as you prepare to land is bound to take your breath away. The frequency and cost of flights naturally shift according to high and low seasons.