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Why should I charter a yacht in Tortola?

1. Delightful cuisine

The British Virgin Islands are heavily influenced by the US, so you may expect to see hamburgers and fries on a lot of the menus in restaurants. However, this is balanced against the array of fresh fruit and vegetables grown locally on the island. Many dishes are also made up of freshly caught fish which is often served grilled. In Tortola, there are many excellent restaurants which are priced reasonably where you can taste the delicious dishes for yourself.

2. Dreamy sailing conditions

A calm sea, consistent trade winds and more than 40 islands to explore with sheltered bays. You don’t need much more to attract holidaymakers and sailors from all four corners of the world. The coastline of the British Virgin Islands is one of the easiest to navigate in the world; you will be spoilt with excellent sailing conditions and clear water. Is it surprising then that over a third of holidaymakers that visit the island chooses this destination because of the prospect of the immense sailing opportunities?

3. Dazzling diving conditions

It comes as no shock that the stunning natural world, both above and beneath sea level, have provided the backdrop for various films throughout the years. The clear waters are ideal for divers to observe marine life and flora and fauna in its entirety. The average visibility is between 10m to 30m and the average depth of dives is 20m. The best season for diving is from February to July. Take advantage of the diving opportunities during your yacht charter in Tortola which boasts some of the most peaceful diving spots. Apple Bay and Brewers Bay in the north are renowned for their paradisal settings.

Sports to try during your yacht charter in Tortola

1. Climbing

Warm sea, hot sun and blue sky with masses of graphite rock studded along golden sand beaches: is this not the ideal scenario for keen climbers? The third biggest island in the archipelago, Virgin Gorda, is lacking nothing. There is no better environment to carry out sport than in beautiful natural surroudnings. Most of the paths are moderate difficulty. The average climber does a lot of the work in the morning, takes a pause during the afternoon when the sun heats up and the rocks begin to get too hot, and finish the day with more climbing as the sun sets.

2. Surfing

Surfing is naturally one of the preferred sports on the island and this is a great activity for large groups to try together. Why not rent boards from one of the local surf schools and perhaps take a class with a qualified instructor to learn more about the technique of riding waves? There’s no pressure though; the beaches are full of people who are giving surfing a go for the first time as well as more advanced surfers. Apple Bay is a vibrant spot to try out surfing, located opposite the famous Bomba Shack. Beginners may prefer Josiah’s Bay which is calmer while more advanced surfers will enjoy Cane Garden Bay which is renowned for its huge waves.

3. Hiking

The famous Sage Mountain has placed Tortola on the map as one of the best islands in the archipelago for excellent walking or hiking. Protected by a national park, a hike around this area will surely bring you closer to nature and offer you some astounding viewpoints. The Henry Adams Loop will allow you to explore a denser forest area while other paths may be surrounded by less vegetation.

4. Swimming

We couldn’t forget this one! Swimming is an excellent way to keep physically active and make the most of the transparent seas and beautiful beaches in the area. The British Virgin Islands boast some remarkable beaches so try and see as many as you can during your yacht charter in Tortola. After a dip in the sea, stretch out on these luxurious golden sands and top up your tan or dry off. You can also take advantage of these sublime sailing conditions to do some snorkelling. Grab your fins, mask and snorkel and test it out.

How to get to your yacht charter in Tortola

Fly directly to Tortola airport (TOV) which is home to cheap and international flights. If you are travelling from Europe or the UK, flights can often have stop-offs, but you are also able to find direct flights. After Tortola, the most well-known airports in the area to offer the direct and often the cheapest flights are Beef Island airport and Virgin Gorda airport. Alternatively, you could fly to another neighbouring Caribbean island like Porto Rico and transfer. From here, take a taxi transfer to your charter and let the adventure begin!