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The best beaches to explore during your yacht charter in Monaco

1. Fisherman cove

This private beach is just a stone’s throw away from the Rock of Monaco and the Prince’s Palace. Small but special, the beach is mostly visited by those who seek refuge from flows of tourists and overcrowded spaces. If you are interested in surfing or bodyboarding, this beach will be right up your street. Due to its positioning and the nearby yachts, it is often rougher and choppier here than on the other side of the coast, and this makes for brilliant beach waves! By extremely choppy areas of the sea, access is forbidden. The sheltered nature of this beach means it is also ideal for families with young children, providing a safe environment for playing and paddling.

2. Larvotto Beach

This fine sand beach extends for 400 metres along the coast and is a beautiful space to take an afternoon walk during your yacht charter in Monaco. At one side of the beach, you will find a small garden which is well-equipped and perfect for young children who want to play under the shade. There is also a volley-ball pitch and many restaurants dotted along the coastline where you can reward yourself with an ice cream after a swim in the sea.

3. Solarium Beach

This unusual solarium with a beach is another popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Like the fisherman cove, this beach is quieter than expected which makes for a relaxing afternoon stop. This is the perfect place to picnic or to sip your morning coffee.

Our top 3 picks: where to spend an afternoon in Monaco

1. Superb gardens

Luckily for those nature lovers, here you will find a wide variety of gardens where you can relax one afternoon during your yacht charter in Monaco. To experience a sense of Asian tradition and culture, head to the Japanese Gardens and roam around the 7 acres of plants, flowers and monuments and structures brought from Japan. The Japanese Gardens were opened to the public in 1931 and are made up of 900 species of flora in a semi-dry climate. There are cacti and fig trees as well as underground caves to explore. You would equally enjoy a visit to the Exotic Gardens which are full of diverse species of plants from all over the globe, a place popping with colour and interest.

2. The Rock of Monaco

Walking around the Rock of Monaco will take an afternoon, and that’s without fully exploring all the gems this site has to offer! The Rock of Monaco is 62 metres tall and offers dazzling views over the Mediterranean Sea. With its Renaissance style buildings and narrow side streets, it is the oldest of Monaco’s quarters but is still a popular tourist site. If nothing else, a stop-off here during your yacht charter in Monaco will offer you astounding views and photo opportunities as well as the possibility of gaining a sense of perspective and space. However, we would recommend spending your time in this area to fully absorb the history and traditions of the area. There are many religious buildings to visit, such as the famous cathedral, which will enrich the cultural aspect of your visit.

3. Prince’s Palace

Perched on the Rock of Monaco, the Prince’s Palace overlooks the entire city as well as the Mediterranean Sea. When in Monaco, a visit here is essentially a rite of passage Make sure to take advantage of your stop-off and see the changing of the guards which happens around 11.55am. The Prince’s palace is majestic and is the official residence of the Sovereign Prince of Monaco, however the State Apartments are open for paid public visits part of the year, usually from April-October.

How to get to your yacht charter in Monaco

Whether by plane, train or boat, getting to Monaco is not difficult. Monaco is located only a few kilometres from Nice, so you could fly here and then take a bus transfer. Nice is a large and popular holiday destination so flights here are relatively inexpensive and easy. There are six different bus lines which circulate and mean that you can easily get from town to town in under 30 minutes. The local language is French, and the currency is the Euro; there are many cashpoints around from which you can make cash withdrawals but card payment is equally widely accepted.