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3 reasons to charter a yacht in Rhodes

1. Island hopping

Where would a Rhodian adventure begin without even mentioning Greek island hopping? Taking advantage of your yacht charter to explore surrounding islands is one of the best ways you could spend your sailing holiday, enabling you to explore secluded spaces and reach undiscovered places with ease. Chartering your own yacht means you are not restricted by ferry timetables or tourist agencies and you can sail at your own pace and rhythm. Every island offers its own dynamic, each bringing a unique flavour to your holiday and making it an unforgettable experience. Neighbouring islands include Symi, Tilos and Karpathos.

2. Views to take your breath away

Panoramic views make the island a photographer’s dream and with a yacht charter in Rhodes, you can snap photos of the island from many an angle. Be it sunrise, midday or sunset, taking time to fully invest in your surroundings and contemplate the spectacular views will enable you to fully relax, unwind and lose all sense of time and space. From the Acropolis of Rhodes to the Kritinia Castle, the island boasts a plethora of locations from which you can watch the sunset… and it doesn’t cost a thing!

3. Fascinating history

Although synonymous with the words ‘sun’ and ‘sand’, notably the island is worth far more than its beaches and climate (as if they weren’t enough!) Its rich ancient history and culture is unparalleled. During your yacht charter in Rhodes, immerse yourself in the remarkable history of Greek mythology and in the ancient ruins and architecture, including the Rhodian Colossus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. After dropping anchor, be sure to explore the Old Town, take a guided tour and visit the local museums and galleries.

24 hours in Rhodes

Home to a wide variety of restaurants, shops and pubs, Mandraki Harbour in the north of the island means docking your yacht charter has never been easier. After anchorage, why not take the morning to browse the multitude of local boutiques and shops where you can buy clothing, jewellery and souvenirs by which to remember your travels. Strikingly, the Old Town boasts the status of the largest town in Europe and as you wander along the charming cobblestone streets of the island, you will discover the immeasurable amount of picturesque, windy alleys and avenues to explore.
Next stop – lunch, but with so many tasty restaurants and cafes on the island, it’s certainly not easy to choose where to eat. Wherever you end up, be sure to sample the fresh fish on island, ‘Fresko Psari’, washed down with a glass of Rhodian wine – then, you’ll truly feel like a local!
Abounding in golden beaches, secluded bays and precious ports, soaking up some rays in a sandy spot is a relaxing way to spend your afternoon. You could even use your yacht charter in Rhodes to navigate to the perfect spot where you can do some paddle boarding, a fun activity which enables you to fully appreciate the beautiful coastlines. It is an activity which everybody can enjoy because no previous experience is needed so you can give it a go even as a beginner.
Finish off the day with a sumptuous meal, taking advantage of the opportunity to sample the authentic Mediterranean cuisine, rich in organic and local fruit and vegetables. Traditional dishes include Greek Mousaka, Greek Pastitisio and Greek Stuffed Vegetables. Fortunately, food prices are comparatively cheaper than most places in Europe, making meals out practical and affordable.

Getting to your yacht charter

Located on the northern side of the island, from the airport you can easily access other parts of the island. Upon arrival, regular buses and taxis means that you can seamlessly transition from the airport to your yacht charter. There are also frequent ferries to Rhodes from Athens, Turkey and other islands of Dodecanese. The local currency is the Euro which you can buy online before your trip, at the airport or on the island.