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Why You Should Yacht Charter in Guadeloupe:

Discover the different islands of Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is composed of islands and isles, including two main islands: Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre. Several neighboring lands such as Marie-Galante, the Saintes archipelago, the Désirade, and the Petite-Terre islands are attached to Guadeloupe. Yacht charter in Guadeloupe will allow you to make several stops in the archipelago as you want and spend nights at anchorage in a glorious bay.

The multitude of activities at sea and on land

Yacht charter in Guadeloupe is the perfect combination of relaxation and thrills as the archipelago offers many water activities: kitesurfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, and fishing. Want to get back on the ground? During your stopovers, you can go on adventurers and indulge in the many hikes offered by the Guadeloupe archipelago. The climate is fantastic for any type of activities, an average temperature of 27 ° C is not too harsh while you can still perfect your tan.

Creole culture and traditions

During your trip to Guadeloupe, you will discover a vibrant Creole culture. Its heritage and strong traditions make it a destination. From the language to the gastronomy, which is rich in aromas and flavors, Guadeloupe will surprise you by its diverse and cultural richness.

Where to Moor

Guadeloupe has several marinas: The Saint-François Marina, a marina known by its restaurants, bars, and casino. The Marina of Bas-du-Fort in Grande-Terre welcomes the runners of the Route du Rum every 4 years. In Basse-Terre, there is the Rivière Sens Marina and the Marina de Bouillante where you can easily charter a yacht for your holidays.

What to Visit

Whether your sailing holiday in Guadeloupe lasts a week or a fortnight, do not miss out on these must-sees:

Pointe des Châteaux

Do not miss the majestic spectacle of the Pointe des Châteaux, at the far east of Grande-Terre. A grandiose place swept by winds from the Atlantic. You can hike up to the cross on the top of the hill, from there the view is splendid.

La Grande Soufriere

The summit of Guadeloupe, also nicknamed the Old Lady, is an active volcano located in the town of Saint-Claude in Guadeloupe. From its height of 1467 meters, it offers a spectacular view of the Lesser Antilles.

Baie de Pont Pierre

Located in Les Saintes, Baie de Pont Pierre is a well protected natural site. Closed by the Isles of the Pierced Rocks, it protects waves and trade winds and offers an intoxicating view: a lagoon with calm and turquoise waters ideal for diving.


During your yacht charter in Guadeloupe and your stopover in Marie-Galante, we recommend you discover the windmills dates back to 1780 which was used to grind sugar cane.

Road of the Crossing

The 17-kilometer long Guadeloupe crossing road is the only road that crosses the Basse-Terre, from one end to the other. This hike will allow you to discover the National Park, which prepares many surprises for you.

When to Visit

The seasons to sail when you charter a yacht in Guadeloupe are quite variable from year to year. For two months each year, there is a risk of tropical storms and cyclones. This lousy weather season in the Caribbean usually starts in early July and ends in November. If you are sailing during August, check the weather daily to be able to react quickly.
Guadeloupe offers two types of navigation. A so-called Leeward Sail in the Caribbean Sea, this is rather relaxing because the sailing conditions are flexible: calm sea and little wind. The other type of sailing is sportier, to sail on the Atlantic side with rough sea and strong winds. It is crucial to pay attention to the "Pointe des Châteaux" on the East Atlantic facade because you might encounter shoals and a large swell. You must also be very careful and pay close attention to the coral reefs because Guadeloupe is enormously endowed with them. Remember to use the nautical charts and cartography. Visibility is usually excellent when yacht charter in Guadeloupe, often over 20 miles during good weather. Tropical depressions and cyclones are raging from July to September. Temperatures during the period of the trade winds, also called the dry season, oscillate around 30 ° during the day and 20 ° in the night.
The conditions of navigation in Guadeloupe require you to keep well informed as well as to have some sailing experience. However, this destination is worth seeing. So, do not waste time and book your yacht in Guadeloupe by choosing one of the yacht charters in Guadeloupe.