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The Balearic Islands are an archipelago located in the western Mediterranean Sea, near the eastern coast of Spain. The islands are an autonomous community of Spain and consist of four main islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera.

The official languages of the Balearic Islands are Catalan and Spanish, although English and other languages are widely spoken in tourist areas. The islands have a population of around 1.2 million people, with the largest city and capital is Palma de Mallorca on the island of Mallorca.

Three Reasons to Charter a Yacht in the Balearic Islands

1. Navigation Conditions

The Balearic Islands are an ideal destination for a yacht charter, as the climate is well suited to sailing. From May to October, the weather brings hot, dry, sunny days, and winds are mild (blowing from the North), so navigation is peaceful. With temperatures averaging mid-late 20s, you will be able to kick back and relax on board your yacht under the heat of the Mediterranean sun.

2. Beautiful Beaches

Spain is known for its glorious beach/sun holidays, and in the Balearic Islands, you will find the crème-de-la-crème of flawless beaches. You can go to any of the four islands and find little slices of paradise; whether you want red, golden or white sands, vast stretches of beach, hidden coves or wild, rugged coastline, the Balearic archipelago has it all. If you start your yacht charter in Ibiza, head to Cala Conta where you will be met with crystal clear waters and soft sands, with stunning views of the surrounding islands. If you prefer a more green, overgrown experience, drop anchor at Cala Llombards in Majorca, a charming cove surrounded by steep cliffs and pine trees enclosing soft, white sands and clear, turquoise waters (great for snorkeling!).

3. Spectacular Scenery

Each island of the Balearics is home to some magnificent landscapes, for example, if you visit Menorca during your yacht charter, visit S’Albufera Natural Park, filled with beautiful wetlands and an incredible array of bird species, with a breathtaking mountain backdrop. Or head to Cala d’Hort in Ibiza, where you can see the uninhabited island of Es Vedra, a 400m high limestone rock in the sea. One of the most magnetic spots on the planet, the rock is a mysterious place of myths and legends, so take a visit and discover the magic yourself!

Discover the Islands


The island of Ibiza is widely recognized as the party sister of the Balearic Islands. A hotspot for vacationers, celebrities and DJs in the summer months, the beach parties, clubs and bars are among the best in Spain. So, if you want a yacht charter where you can sail by day and dance by night, Ibiza is the spot for you. That being said, this is by no means all the island has to offer; the Dalt Vila Old Town is an enchanting place to explore, with winding, cobbled streets and fabulous views from the town ramparts. Stroll around the Punta Arabi Hippy Market, bursting with materials of every colour and pattern.

Where to eat and drink…
-‘Es Boldado’ is known as the island’s best seafood restaurant on the island, with the best views of Es Vedra island at sunset.
-‘The Giri Café’ is a Mediterranean restaurant located in San Juan, a bohemian area surrounded by hills, orange and lemon groves and blossoms, creating a truly idyllic setting.


Mallorca is the largest of the four Balearic Islands, and its capital, Palma, is a bustling city with a bit of everything on offer. With the city beach and various cultural activities such as the Joan Miró gallery, the Palau de l’Almudaina, or the San Juan Mercado Gastronómico (fresh food market); you will not be short of things to do if you stop here during your yacht charter. Around the town, you can rent bikes and cycle incredible coastal routes or head to Cala Torta, which – though lacking facilities - is a perfect oasis from the busy city and fully immerses you in nature, with a small beach bar where you can enjoy the freshest seafood.

Where to eat and drink…
-‘Es Molí d’en Bou’ is a truly first-rate gastronomic experience, so this Michelin-star restaurant on the east side of the island is worth a visit at some point during your yacht charter.
-‘Es Celler de Petra’ is a restaurant located in the village of Petra serving up traditional Majorcan dishes in a rustic 19th-century wine cellar.


The second largest of the Balearic Islands, Menorca is a picture of wild, natural beauty. With emerald hills, azure waters and white-sand bays, it’s a paradise, especially for a yacht charter, where you can appreciate the views from the sea! Visit the Museu de Menorca, located in an old Franciscan convent, or walk up to Fort Marlborough, where you will find incredible views of the sapphire Mediterranean and the city below. Or you can just moor your yacht and enjoy the dazzling scenery whilst lazing under the glorious sunshine on a picture-perfect beach like Platges de Son Saura, where gorgeous powdery sands meet shallow, crystalline water.

Where to eat and drink…
-‘Es Cranc’, regarded as one of the best restaurants on the island, is best known for its lobster soup dish, Caldereta de Langosta.
-‘Ca N’Olga’ serves traditional Mediterranean and Majorcan cuisine in an old house with a garden terrace.


Formentera is the most understated and underrated of the Balearic Islands. Small and peaceful, it is often overlooked as it is not so developed and geared towards tourists, but this means those who are looking for more authentic experiences during their yacht charter will find the island a haven. Natural beauty and unspoiled landscapes characterize Formentera, so if you rent a boat here, you can spend your day walking and cycling the numerous green bike routes to places such as Cap de Barbaria. You can visit the lighthouse and get spectacular views of the Mediterranean, and Africa’s Barbary Coast is just 100km away from the island’s southernmost tip. And possibly one of Europe’s most idyllic beaches resides here, Platja ses Illetes is a long spit of powdery-white sands stretching through impossibly clear, sparkling, turquoise waters… navigate your yacht here, and it’ll feel more like you’re in the Caribbean than Europe!

Where to eat and drink…
-‘Aigua’ serves up Spanish, European and Japanese cuisine in a stylish restaurant located by La Savina Port with glorious marina views.
-‘Pequeña Isla’ is located in one of the most peaceful parts of Formentera and serves up traditional dishes from the area with fresh local ingredients!

Planning the perfect yacht charter

Regarding yacht charters in the Balearic islands, there are a few things to consider. The first is the type of yacht you would like to charter. Many types of yachts are available, including monohull, catamaran, and motorboat options. Monohulls are the traditional type of sailboat and are known for their speed and traditional sailing experience. The catamaran is becoming increasingly sought after in the Balearic islands due to its spaciousness and stability. Motorboat yachts are ideal for those who want to explore the islands in style and luxury.

The Balearic islands have a wide variety of ports, allowing you to choose from many great marinas close to popular sailing vacation destinations. Globesailor has incredible fleets of sailboats, catamarans, motorboats and luxury yachts to offer you for rental. Our boats range in length, size and year of manufacture, as well as the number of berths and cabins to accommodate your preferences. Choose the boat of your dreams, which fits the needs of you and your guests and spend a week or two cruising around famous locations such as Antigua, Bahamas, Grenada and the Grenadines. 

You can also choose between renting a bareboat yacht charter and hiring a skipper and crew . For a bareboat charter , this means that you will have no crew aboard the boat. You will be the ship's captain, overseeing all the details and deciding where to go. A bareboat charter is recommended for guests with sailing experience. In many places, a license is needed to charter a yacht without a professional skipper. Your yacht will be equipped with kitchen appliances for those who wish to show off their chef skills to the other guests. When you choose our crewed option for a yacht charter, it can be a great choice if you don't have much sailing knowledge but still want the independence of chartering a yacht. Your skipper is like the ship's captain; they take care of the navigation, and the hostess/cook ensures that your week's vacation is at the luxury level. Your hired crew will have their own private cabins, meaning there's plenty of space on board your boat for everyone!

The next thing to consider is the size of the yacht . Yachts come in various sizes, from small day sailors to large luxury yachts. The yacht size will depend on the number of guests in your group and the type of sailing experience you are looking for. 

When planning a yacht rental holiday, you also need to decide on the length of your charter . Globesailor charters can range from a week to several weeks. A week-long charter is great for those who want to explore the different islands and cultures.

Once you have decided on the type of yacht, the size, the length of the charter, and the cost, it's time to start planning your itinerary . The Balearic islands are home to many world-renowned sailing destinations, so it is important to research the different islands and anchorages. Some beloved locations include Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca. Each of these islands offers something unique and special, so it is important to find a destination that suits your interests and preferences.

When planning your itinerary, it is important to consider the time of year . The best time to sail in the Balearic Islands is during the summer months from June to September , when the weather is warm and dry, with temperatures averaging around 25-30°C and relatively low humidity.

During this time, the sea is also relatively calm, with moderate winds blowing from the northeast and southeast, making for ideal sailing conditions. However, it is important to note that the summer months can be busy with many tourists, so it is advisable to book in advance and plan your itinerary accordingly.

If you prefer a quieter and more peaceful experience, you may consider sailing in the shoulder seasons of May or October . During these months, the weather is still pleasant, with temperatures averaging around 20-25°C, and the crowds are generally thinner. However, the wind conditions may be less predictable, and it is important to check the weather forecast before setting sail.

Getting There

The Balearic Islands are easily accessible, with airports in Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca. You can fly directly from many major European cities, but if you’re flying from further afield, such as the US, then you will have to stop over in a city such as London or Madrid. Once you’ve landed, a transfer to your yacht charter base can be organized. Just let your GlobeSailor advisor know when you book!