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Sailing in Saint Tropez

This renowned sailing location certainly packs a punch – and it is easy to see why. Summertime sees an influx of the most rich and famous people from all over the world who choose to charter luxurious yachts. Yet, despite the global attraction, the town of Saint Tropez never loses its original charm and authenticity. In addition, you do not need to be a millionaire celebrity to experience the lifestyle that this sailing hotspot offers. This is an idyllic sailing haven, with moderate breezes, minimal waves, calm seas, and sheltered harbors.

The sheltered Golfe de Saint Tropez provides you a smooth sailing with light breezes, which gently take you along to other French Riviera destinations such as Hyeres, Cannes, and Antibes. June, July, and August are the warmest months in Saint Tropez; the average temperature being around 23°C. If you want to avoid these peak times with crowded harbours, then it may be preferable rent your yacht in early spring or late autumn. Sailors also need to be aware of the strong Mistral wind which tends to blow in the south of France in winter and spring.

Must-See in Saint Tropez

L’Escalet Beach

Life’s a beach in Saint Tropez, and there is no shortage of heavenly stretches of coastline to maroon your chartered yacht during your sailing holiday. Here, there is a perfect combination of silky-smooth sandy beaches and pebble-laded shores to explore and discover. If you want to take a dip to the seabed, you can avail of the snorkeling facilities nearby. This is an ideal secluded beach for anyone looking to evade the crowded city for a day. With some trendy venders located close to the shore, you can tuck into some good grub while you appreciate the beaches of Saint Tropez.

Explore the Old Port

Something truly unique to the town of Saint Tropez is the Old Port which is a hive of activity for people chartering a yacht or sailing along the French Riviera. Here, you can take in the splendid view of the colourful waterfront and the brimming marina with tall masts and a vast array of boats. With some great bars, cafes, and taverns dotted along the marina’s perimeter, the true spirit of Saint Tropez is palpable. If you want to see the true Southern French lifestyle, then the Place aux Herbes market is the perfect place to browse the local cuisines, products, and artwork.

Musée d’Histoire Maritime

Although they may not have had luxury yachts in the centuries of sailing in Saint Tropez, it is certainly intriguing to discover the history of this practice. Here, you can learn about the city’s most famous sailors and their expeditions throughout the world. Whether for military, trade or leisure, sailing has been pivotal to the success and prosper of Saint Tropez, and nowhere is this more evident than in the fascinating exhibitions in this museum.

The Most Beautiful Hike

If you fancy a break from sailing yet still want to be immersed in the luxurious, beautiful surroundings of Saint Tropez’s coastline, then the shoreline walk may be an exciting opportunity. Here, you can journey along the rugged pathways which line the beaches, with several places to pause for a quick and refreshing dip in the tranquil blue waters. You can see the luxurious yachts chartered by some of the region’s wealthiest residents, whilst the welcoming sunshine ensures you can stop for a quick sunbathe should you wish. This hike takes you to some of Saint Tropez’s most interesting features, including the tomb of Emile Olivier and some secluded, heavenly beaches.

Food in Saint Tropez

Such a mélange of cultures and people mean the food in Saint Tropez is heavily inspired by cuisines from across the world, yet they still retain the signature French flair. Those who appreciate French cinema may be intrigued by La Ponche, where fantastic seafood is served in the restaurant frequented by Brigitte Bardot. Other highlights in the city include Club 55, which has a ridiculously high turnover during the high season and is one of the most visited restaurants by those chartering a yacht in Saint Tropez. Fancy something a little more rustic? Le Kikouiou could be the most suitable place for you, where you can savour the succulent flavours while enjoying the expansive views of the local vineyards.

How to Get to Saint Tropez

As it is regularly visited by sailors and those who charter yachts annually, Saint Tropez is well connected. Train services are offered by TGV-Europe to a variety of European and French destinations. If you are flying to this city, you have the option of La Mole, Nice or Marseille airports, although the latter two are a little further out and require further transport to reach your boat rental. Buses are also in operation between your airport of choice and the city of Saint Tropez.