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Why charter a yacht in Ajaccio? Here’s 3 reasons why…

1. Mediterranean climate

The sun shines on average for around 2000 hours a year so you will undoubtedly be topping up your tan during your yacht charter in Ajaccio. The dry climate can get very hot, especially during summer months where temperatures rocket to 30 degrees, so the Mediterranean breeze which consistently blows along the coastline, provides light relief and makes navigating and sailing easier. The fantastic climate provides both the ideal sailing conditions and the ideal sunbathing conditions, so you can relax on one of the 16 glamorous beaches on the island and soak up those Vitamin D rays.

2. Amazing ports

Due to its history and culture, naturally the ports and harbours in Ajaccio are styled in a traditionally French way and could be compared to other French ports like in Marseille and Nice. The ports are not only frequented by fishermen and fishmongers but also by tourists because there are plenty of shops and markets to explore. The ‘Tino Rossi’ port will easily accommodate your yacht charter with 300 spaces and vast expansive waters to anchor in. It helps make this dreamy destination even more of a paradisal spot.

3. Art and history

Ajaccio has been nicknamed ‘the town of art and history’ and with multiple museums, historical centres and heritage sites to visit, is an explanation even needed for ‘why’? It is these very sites and buildings which makes a visit to the town such a beautiful and cultural experience. From the National Museum to the Bonaparte Residence, there is so much interesting history to delve into and discover. There are also many unmissable cultural events, concerts and traditional soirees which are organised throughout the year. Some of these are free and some are ticketed so make sure to check out what’s on near you when you arrive at your yacht charter.

When in Corsica: what to do during a yacht charter in Ajaccio

Ajaccio is a holiday for anything from a weekend break up to a 2-week break. Even a couple of days here will leave you feeling more rested and relaxed from when you came because the city is just a little slice of paradise. Even if you are here for the shortest amount of time, visits to the Sanguinaires Islands go highly recommended and if you have the chance, you should sail over to the archipelago and explore.

The Sanguinaires Islands

Despite the bizarre name of the islands which translates as ‘the Bloody islands’ in French, we can promise you this archipelago is not as gruesome as it sounds and it’s worth a trip out! The only way to access these precious islands is by boat which means you are one step ahead with a yacht charter in Ajaccio. One of the most noteworthy facts about the Sanguinaires Islands is that it is a preserved and protected nature site and all the various species of flora and fauna on the island are carefully looked after. With more than 150 species of plants to note and discover, this archipelago is bursting with colour and diversity.
To see the archipelago from a different perspective, go visit the Parata Peninsula. The Parata peninsula is located on the west side of Ajaccio and offers a breath-taking panoramic view over the surrounding coastlines but also towards the Sanguinaires archipelago. There are various trails you can hike in the area which will provide you with a variation of viewpoints to give you a sense of the large-scale beauty of the islands.
You can spend an afternoon exploring the pleasant seaside towns on the islands or relaxing in one of the beach bars along the coastline. The islands are at their most photogenic at night time so are naturally known for their stunning sunsets; round off your day on your yacht charter in Ajaccio by watching the spectacular fusion of rouges, oranges, rose and yellow in the sky.

How to get to your yacht charter in Ajaccio

Corsica is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, only 170 kilometres from France and a mere 80 kilometres from Italy, the island is very accessible. The Ajaccio Napoleon-Bonaparte International Airport hosts both national and international flights and is only located 5 kilometres from the city centre so you really will be able to get onboard your boat rental and started with your holiday in no time. The local language is French, and the currency is the Euro.