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When is the best time to visit Lavrio?

High season for any sailing holiday in Greece occurs in July and August when temperatures are at their warmest, but arguably the best time to charter a yacht in Lavrio is late spring or early summer. This way, you can avoid the crowds yet still benefit from glorious sunshine and temperatures in the lows 20s. Although the water may not be as warm for a swim, the light breezes are perfect for a smooth sailing experience. Alternatively, sailing in Lavrio can also prove pleasant in September or October, when the Meltemi winds of the Aegean Sea have calmed, and the water is more pleasant for snorkeling. The Aegean is a sheltered area with a steady breeze rarely blowing above force 5 on the Beaufort scale. We recommend you not to sail to the Cyclades during August due to the Meltemi winds which can be strong.

Must-See Attractions in Lavrio

Lavrio Port

The best place to get a true sense of the spirit of Lavrio is to take a stroll along the mesmerising port of Lavrio. Here, a perfect mix of history and today have created a picturesque location where you can dock your chartered yacht. Perhaps most intriguing is the Great Iron French Wharf, a large metal bridge which echoes back to the importance of mining to the area hundreds of years ago. Silver mining was integral to the prosperity of this small town and for the Athenian’s success over the Persians, and the remnants of this lifestyle are fascinating to explore and discover.

The Temple of Poseidon

Not far from the Port of Lavrio lies perhaps one of the most iconic Greek landmarks that attracts visitors from across the globe. Dating back to the Golden Age of Athens, this remarkable feat of architecture overlooks unforgettable ocean views and will simply take your breath away. Chartering a yacht in the Attica peninsula is like sailing to the Ancient Greek past which displays the best things about Greece with pride. This Temple is said to be the place where Aegeus, for which the Aegean Sea is named, fell into the sea upon discovering the death of his son. Such rich history is awaiting to be explored in the areas surrounding Lavrio on your charter holiday.

Mineralogical Museum of Lavrion

Of course, due to the nature of the town’s trade, it is fascinating to discover the rich history of Lavrio’s mining industries through a captivating and insightful museum. Discover the range of vibrant and colourful minerals which were mined in this port town, with the skills of the miners and mineralogists proving to be a highlight of a yacht charter holiday in Lavrio. You can also see the ancient tools used by the miners and the scientific work of Andreas Kordellas to which the museum is dedicated.


Those who are looking to explore the remnants of various disasters both at sea or in the air are in luck thanks to the haunting scuba diving tours of shipwrecks near the port of Lavrio. The most iconic shipwreck to visit in the Aegean Sea is the Britannic, sister of the doomed Titanic. Other shipwrecks and even plane wrecks prove interesting too, with diving in the Passas Reef being a popular activity for those who charter a yacht in Lavrio.

Life’s a Beach

Some of the most exquisite coastline is located in the stretch between Lavrio and Sounion, and many of the beaches are the perfect haven to which you can escape and be at peace with the tranquil waves or to watch the sunset from your yacht. Here are some of the best beaches which are worth paying a visit on your sailing holiday:

Asimakis Beach

A true corner of paradise typically only known by the locals, this is the perfect beach to visit during your yacht charter holiday should you wish to be surrounded by golden sandy beaches, serene water, and luscious palm trees. A wonderful fish taverna provides some exquisite fresh grub – perfect after a quick dip in the sea.

Legrena Beach

Located close to the iconic Temple of Poseidon, this is another quiet beach decorated with rugged cliff edges and tranquil coves. It is easy to see why this part of Greece was so popular thanks to the sheer natural beauty visible from both your yacht and from the white sandy shoreline. Close by, there are a selection of lively bars and tavernas where you can meet the locals and try some refreshing beer.

Kakia Skala Beach

This beach is named after the Kakkos Bay hotel which is located nearby. The beach is lined with fine pebbles and sees tranquil waters perfect for a quick swim. You can benefit from the idyllic tamarisk trees which offer shelter should the weather become too hot. This is also an ideal location to visit on your chartered yacht due to the proximity of bus services, food and drink establishments, and the fact you can avail of umbrellas or beds for a small fee on the shoreline.

How to get to Lavrio

Lavrio is ideally located close to Athens airport meaning it is serviced by many major international airlines and routes. Getting to the port of Lavrio to your chartered yacht is only achievable by road travel, in either bus or taxi. Buses are far cheaper, but the journey via taxi is only 40 minutes, meaning you have more time to explore the exquisite landscape of Lavrio and the Aegean Sea.