16 Catamarans to Rent in Montenegro

Catamaran charter in Montenegro

Top 3 attractions to visit during your catamaran charter in Montenegro

1. The Mouths of Kotor

This dramatic mountain range culminating around 1000 metres plunges into the sea, making this UNESCO heritage site not only a spot of geographical fascination but also of sublime beauty. The Mouths of Kotor are probably the most popular tourist attraction in Montenegro and you can tie your trip here in with multiple visits around the neighbouring villages studded along the coast. Perast, Risan and Prcanj are small villages which border onto the sea and there are lovely restaurants with sea views to discover here if you want to refuel after a swim.

2. Budva

Only 40 minutes from Kotor, Budva is the seaside resort which is also most popular among tourists. Centrally placed along the coastline, everything you need is within walking distance which means that you can spend lazy afternoons on the beach after roaming around the shops in the morning – no fuss! The tiny town is full of charm and authenticity which is not at all depleted by the tourism or urbanism of the environment. There is also a great nightlife in the town so enjoy a cocktail along one of the bars along the seaside.

3. Sveti Stefan

This is another of the treasures of the Adriatic, which is found in the South of Montenegro. Although it is only 8km from Budva, the atmosphere is strikingly distinct, and the pace of life seems slower in this petite village. With its red roofs, narrow streets and tiny churches, this little fishing village looks like it’s been snapped straight out of a postcard. With classic Mediterranean countryside, this spot will bring a calmer and more peaceful feel to your catamaran charter in Montenegro.

24 hours in the capital: Podgorica

Podgorica is the buzzing capital of Montenegro which boasts many attractions and activities to see and do throughout the year. Ideally situated by rivers and lakes, this city is also perfect for those who not only want to delve deeper into the history and culture of Montenegro but also those who want to practise water sports or outdoor activities. We have put together a 24-hour city guide for Podgorica which is comprised of different and fun activities and ideas and will hopefully keep everybody happy during their catamaran charter in Montenegro.
Begin your day in Podgorica slowly, sipping a café in one of the many quirky coffee shops you will find across the city. The coffee culture here is strong and for an action-packed day in the city, guaranteed you’ll need one! The ancient and historic architecture in the city was bombed over 70 times during the Second World War, but you are can see many of these classic monuments and buildings even today. Walk around the ruins in Ribnica and then visit Adzi-Pacha bridge and Kraljev park. Afterwards, head to Stara Varos, an old town full of boutiques and jewellery shops as well as many picturesque buildings.
After a morning full of exploring and plenty of walking, it’s time to refuel. Podgorica has many great restaurants; make sure to sample the seasonal salads and local cheeses. After lunch, take a gentle stroll along the Riviera and make your way towards the Cijevna waterfalls. Just opposite the waterfalls, you will also find the Plantaze wine cellar. Plantaze is one of the biggest wine fabricators in Montenegro and its vineyard Cemovsko Polje, which is also found in Podgorica, is one of the largest vineyards in Europe. A guided tour around the vineyard, followed by wine tasting sessions, will open your eyes to one of the country’s largest industries and help you understand and learn more about how the wine is produced, made and sold.
There is no shortage of restaurants to choose from for your evening meal. Podgorica has everything from traditional cuisine to more modern contemporary dishes, and there are different types of cuisine cultures to choose from. And in Podgorica, it doesn’t stop here. The night is only just beginning and there are plenty of bars and nightclubs where you can listen to music, dance or enjoy chatting to friends over a drink.

How to get to your catamaran charter in Montenegro

The capital Podgorica has its own airport which will place you right in the centre of things. The second largest airport is Tivat, and there are also several other airports scattered across the country which you can opt for as well. There are excellent transport links in Montenegro which will enable you to quickly transfer to your charter and begin your charter. The local currency is the Euro and there are many banks from which you can make cash withdrawals, if you don’t want to use your card. However, debit and credit card payment are also widely accepted in Montenegro.