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Start in the capital for a first taste of the luxurious tourist attractions, the local culture, and the many shops, restaurants and bars that populate this island. Here, we recommend that you visit the ornately decorated Hukuru Miskiy, also called the Malé Friday Mosque, which is a beautifully embellished mosque made from coral stones. Due to its impact in sea-culture architecture, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008 and is one of the most prominent sites in the capital. Afterwards, you can head to the National Museum of the Maldives for an inside look at local culture and practices. There are also many tours in Malé for whale watching, diving with sharks or spotting interesting marine life, but one of the most unique ways to so this is in a submarine. Plummet beneath the surface without a snorkel or scuba gear to observe whales in their natural environment with Whale Submarine Maldives’ underwater tour. Finish your day in Malé at a local restaurant serving unique dishes incorporating fresh seafood and coconut or visit a glamorous oceanside bar for a glimpse into the nightlife!


If you are a nature lover, Biyadhoo Island is for you! Known for its dense capacity of different fish species, soft corals and other natural delights, it will leave you in awe as you explore a new underwater world. This is the perfect island to grab some scuba gear or snorkelling equipment and take a look at all that is living beneath the surface. With a yacht charter in the Maldives all this becomes possible!


This small island is located just south of the capital of the Maldives and preserves an unmatched serenity. If you would like to relax, unwind and visit an uncrowded island, Fulidhoo awaits you. While it is small, it is the perfect serene escape from daily living, complete with soft, white sand beaches and vibrant sunsets that will leave you speechless.


Dreaming of something magical? You cannot miss Vaadhoo Island if you want to experience true magic in the Maldives! Famous for its bioluminescent plankton that shimmer and glow blue in the water during the night, see for yourself why people call it the “sea of stars.” Renting a boat in the Maldives will allow you to experience the unimaginable.

Travel arrangements

Most likely you will be travelling internationally, so the best choice is to fly into Hulhulé island, nearby the capital, Malé, as it will be the most easily accessible to foreigners. After you arrive at the Velana International Airport, you can depart by ferry or plane to the other islands, depending on your itinerary. Be aware that much of the inter-island travel is done primarily by boat, so you are already at an advantage if you want to plan to sail from island to island when you charter a boat in the Maldives! Talk to your GlobeSailor advisor for more details regarding itineraries and possibilities in the Maldives.