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Why Choose Yacht Rental in the Bahamas

Opting for a yacht rental in the Bahamas is like picking the perfect adventure playground, with over 700 islands to explore. It's the best way to see stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and hidden gems at your own pace. Whether you're into snorkeling, water sports, fishing, or just soaking up the sun, a yacht lets you do it all in style and comfort. It's an easy, fun way to make your Bahamas trip truly unforgettable.

Choose activity and adventure during your yacht charter in the Bahamas

Water sports and adventure sports are, in many ways, synonymous with life in the Bahamas. On most tourist beaches, there are stands where you rent paddle boards and kayaks and there are various centres where you can book an epic water sports experience, including: jet skis, water skis, banana boating, sky diving and paragliding. We have highlighted some of the most popular sports in the archipelago.


Trying your hand at diving during your yacht charter in the Bahamas is an unwritten rule. With opportunities for wall dives, night diving sessions, diving with sharks and dolphins, diving amongst caves and grottos, naturally diving is the preferred sport for holiday makers. From within the depths of the blue seas, you can swim with turtles, tropical fish and even travel back in time by exploring sunken shipwrecks. Spring is the best season for diving because there is more marine life to see during these months and the underwater cave Thunderball Grotto is a popular spot for diving. You will have seen this magical setting in two different James Bond films!

Deep-sea fishing

With such a variety of types of fish in the sea, this has become an increasingly popular activity among holiday-makers, especially during Springtime. The rules and regulations regarding fishing are strict; you need a fishing license and you must release the fish that you catch back into the sea. This relaxing activity will enable you to more fully engage with nature and see marine life up close.

Which island for Bahamas Boat Rental?

A yacht charter in the Bahamas is unique in the sense that you are visiting one place and many places at the same time! There are so many possible islands to explore and discover, and each has its own charm and appeal. Everybody has their own individual interests and it can be difficult to decide where to go and what to do. Read on to find out which Bahamian island will meet your holiday requirements.

For the ‘culture vulture’ – Nassau

Delve deeper into the culture of the archipelago with a mandatory visit to Nassau, Paradise Island. Art plays a huge role in local life and culture and you will find many art galleries and smaller markets, such as the Straw Market, in the town centre. Find out more about what it’s like to live as a local with the programme, ‘People to People’ which enables you to spend the day with a local family and share in their daily life.

For the ‘nature lover’ – Andros Island

Found in the west of the archipelago, this island will be a firm favourite with anybody who loves spending time in their natural surroundings. The beaches are the biggest yet least frequented beaches in the whole of the Bahamas with white, sandy stretches and azure blue seas. Andros is also home to the third largest coral reef in the world which is 200km long, and some have even said that there is more of the coral reef yet to be discovered. The island is considered a sort of capital city when it comes to fish and wildlife, with over 200 species of birds. With its coconut palm trees, pine forests and lush vegetation, we would recommend spending an afternoon at Love Hill Beach. Henry Morgan’s Cave, located in the north-west of the island, is also a magical spot to discover during your yacht charter in the Bahamas.

For the ‘chilled-out’ – the Berry islands

With around thirty private islets and small islands, the Berry islands could be deemed as one of the best kept secret of the Bahamas. Totally preserved from mass tourism, the islands are well-suited to those who are seeking a calm and quiet holiday. The Berry islands are also home to the Sugar Beach Caves, a collection of sandy caves on a cliff face, considered to be the most beautiful site in the Bahamas. Other things to see include Bamboo Cay Ocean Blue Hole and Hoffmann’s Cay Blue Hole.

For the ‘animal lover’ – Pig Island

Forget about swimming with dolphins, the latest trend is swimming with pigs! Big Major Cay, or as it is more commonly known, ‘Pig Island’, in the Exumas islands, is a non-negotiable stop during your yacht charter in the Bahamas. The sole residents on the island are wild pigs which were abandoned here by sailors, centuries before. With pristine beaches and stunning views to enjoy, these pigs are literally living their best lives! Tackle your bucket-list one step at a time and splash around with some wild porkers.

How to get to the Bahamas

Although there are more than 20 airports in the Bahamas, Nassau and Great Abaco islands are the islands with the most international and direct flights. Nassau International Airport is comfortable and modern, with various cafes and wifi, and is located only 13km from Nassau town, which makes for a $15-euro taxi trip. If you are coming from the UK, don’t forget there is a significant time difference (UTC -5) so make sure to schedule in time for potential jetlag! The languages spoken are English and Creole.