Yacht charter in Newport, Rhode Island

A Day in Newport, Rhode Island

It can be difficult to know where to start when exploring this scenic destination, so here is a suggestion of activities to do, places to visit and cuisines to sample when you arrive!

Historical Landmarks

Once you have docked your yacht, there is an abundance of historical homes, churches, galleries, and libraries to visit. Different eras have had their clear impact on the architectural design of some of the city’s most impressive buildings. William Watts Sherman House is an amalgamation of Colonial, British and European design, whilst Marble House drew inspiration from the iconic features of Versailles in France. The details and intricacies of the historical landmarks are fascinating, and with some of the most lavish homes being visible from the shoreline, you can even enjoy them from the comfort of your yacht!

Tranquil Beaches

Newport, Rhode Island benefits from tranquil, picturesque beaches offering escape to the natural landscapes free from large crowds. A variety of beaches offer a range of activities and environments to explore, whether you want to catch a wave or catch some rays. Easton’s Beach is the most popular thanks to the suitable surfing conditions and proximity to the exquisite cliff walk, but if you need a moment to yourself, why not sail your chartered yacht to Gooseberry Beach? Here, the serenity of the cove exemplifies the exquisite views on offer here.

The Atlantic Coast

Incredible coastlines deserve incredible views. Whilst the view of the rugged coastline from your yacht certainly is unforgettable, gain a new perspective by taking to the heights of the cliff walk. Here, the wild Atlantic Ocean is in prime shot along the three-and-a-half-mile trail. The hike also permits views of some of the superb homes along the shoreline, before arriving at The 40 Steps , an iconic site to watch tumbling waves collide against the shoreline.

Newport’s Finest Cuisine

Newport’s historical links with colonialism has led to an influx of flavours from across the world. Combined with the fresh and local produce in the city, the cuisine on offer is simply delectable. When you charter a yacht in Newport, Rhode Island, you will become acutely aware of their love for seafood thanks to an array of dishes in restaurants found on the seafront. You don’t have to walk far to find some of the city’s most luscious meals, often accompanied with a stunning view of the ocean.

Home of Yachting

For those who have a passion for sailing, Newport is the perfect place to visit. This city is no stranger to seeing an influx of yachts and tall boats every year to the famous ports and marinas. Such passion has led to museums and schools being established to educate and inform people about the history and development of the sport. See exhibits containing boat models, artwork, and detailed sketches in the Museum of Yachting, or visit the International Yacht Restoration School where exceptional craftsmanship is on full display. For those who love yachting, this is a must-see attraction, and for those who are just starting out, gain valuable insight and fascinating glimpses into the rich traditions associated with this pastime.

Experience a Racing Yacht

Newport’s status as a place to visit for lovers of yachting or sailing is partially thanks to the presence of America’s Cup Charters. One of the most exhilarating things to do here is to sample what speeds one of the “Big Twelve” would reach in a replica of the real races. Feel the wind in your hair and take in the sights of the gorgeous coastline of Newport from iconic boats known world-over. You will appreciate the tranquility of your own yacht once you have returned from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Hidden Gems

Newport offers a range of stunning walkways, delicious restaurants, and relaxing beaches, but some of Newport’s best attractions are not as well known as others. Here are some of the best places that even some locals have not yet tried!

Rail Explorers

History, fun, exercise, and superb views – this attraction has it all. Perfect for families, this unique experience allows you to see the Atlantic in its entirety from a disused rail-track. Pedal along the discontinued rail tracks and take some stunning photographs of the dramatic coastline. Don’t worry – it isn’t too strenuous and is perfectly suitable for children. This is a unique highlight of Newport and will be a fan-favourite when you return to your yacht in the evening.