4 Sailboats to Rent in Monaco

Don't miss it in Monaco

Three reasons to charter a sailboat in Monaco

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

This fine museum is a sea museum founded in 1889 situated along the coastline, beside Monaco Palace. Today it is home to 6000 different species of fish and invertebrates. Open to the public, this is a great place to learn more about issues facing biodiversity as well as how to identify different species and corals. The museum also plays a valuable role in conversing threatened or extinct species of fish such as clown fish. A trip here will allow you to discover and see the variety of the ocean floor. The museum is dedicated to marine research so visiting here is a way of supporting the wonderful work and projects that are carried out throughout the year.

Mala Beach

This beach is often described as being the most beautiful beach in the Côte d’Azur. The beach is stunning, and the colour of the water is gorgeous: a fusion of blue, turquoise and darker shades. Along the beach, there are two private restaurants where you can sit to have a cocktail overlooking this superb view. This beach with its expansive waters is a great spot to try out snorkelling or diving. The clear waters mean you will accurately be able to observe marine life.

Old town

The Old town is made up of beautiful and enchanting colours and windy, charming streets and alleys. With a photo opportunity at every corner, ambling down these delightful roads would be a lovely, slow way to spend the morning during your sailboat charter in Monaco. The Old Town is full of artisan shops, tasty restaurants and unique boutiques as well as the renowned museum which will further enable you to unearth more about the history and culture of the country, as well as get to see fascinating art work and objects.

24 hours in Monte-Carlo

Monte-Carlo and Monaco go somewhat hand in hand. With several grand and significant buildings to explore as well as the renowned Casino, a visit here is well worth it during your sailboat charter in Monaco. Monte-Carlo may work well as a day trip during your holiday. The more urban feel and the amount of shops and boutiques may provide a refreshing contrast to all the swimming and sailing you have been doing.
Monte-Carlo’s casino has a grand reputation and situated in amongst other impressive and opulent buildings, the prestige and impressive architectural style of the casino does not fall short of expectations. Whether you are interested in playing or not, step inside without hesitation. The building is beautifully styled and decorated, and the interior is as impressive as the exterior. Take a walk around the Casino Gardens after your look inside; there are terraces, fountains and walkways to discover. The Gardens provide a superb view of the Casino where you can sit and observe its stunning architecture to the last detail.
For those who think that Monaco is only a place of luxury and excessiveness, Metropole Shopping Centre will be prove you wrong. If you want to treat yourself or your loved ones during your sailboat charter in Monaco, look no further than some of the shops in the complex. The shopping centre is aesthetically pleasing with its marble décor, and while it is home to some expensive and luxurious boutiques, you will also find many chains and recognisable brands like Sephora therein. This is an excellent place to do some shopping at an affordable price and the complex is very conveniently and centrally located.
A worry when in Monaco may be finding an evening meal which is not too expensive but is still delicious. Eating a McDonalds in your sailboat may not appeal to everybody and a preferable option is eating in one of the tasty Italian restaurants in Monte-Carlo. Monaco is not too far from Italy, perhaps why you will find plenty of Italian restaurants in this area. ‘Maison des Pates Monaco’, ‘V.I.P. Very Italian Pizza’ and ‘Il Fornaio’ all provide yummy meals at affordable prices. Eating out will give you an opportunity to experience not only the beautiful Mediterranean sunsets but also the local nightlife and culture.

How to get to your sailboat charter in Monaco

Monaco is easily accessible by plane, train or boat. The nearest airport is Nice and there are many ports and possible moorings if you arrive by boat. Undoubtedly, boat is the best means of travel around the area. Monaco is quite petite, and its narrow streets are not the easiest for cars to manoeuvre down. However, there is no want for space while navigating the vast shores of the Mediterranean.