8 Sailboats to Rent in the Seychelles

Sailboat charter in Seychelles

Three Reasons to Charter a Sailboat in Seychelles

1. Islands Islands & More Islands

Choose from 115 islands to explore! Yes, this archipelago is made up of over 100 islands floating in the middle of the Indian Ocean. With so many options it’s difficult to choose which one to go to. Luckily a sailboat charter in Seychelles is the best way to experience many of these islands in a short amount of time. Decide what kind of activities you would like to do and what sights are a must on your itinerary. Then set sail upon your boat rental and soak up the uniqueness of each location.

2.Breathtaking Beaches

As you navigate from one island to the next, it is vital that you take an afternoon to sail towards the island of La Digue and visit Anse Source d’Argent. This site has the reputation as being the most photographed beach in the world and has been the backdrop of many films. One glance from your sailboat charter and you will understand why. Shallow crystal-clear water bordered by glittering white sand and massive boulders, create a breathtaking scenery one will never forget. Head to Mahe and navigate to Anse Major. This beach is only reachable by hiking or boat, so it is common to be sharing the sand with few. Take advantage of this unspoiled and secluded haven. Other notable beaches to check out in Seychelles include Anse Severe and Anse Lazio. With so many extraordinary options its sure you will find the perfect spot in the sun!

3. World Heritage Must Sees

Moore your boat rental to Praslin, the second largest island of the archipelago and wander the nature park of Vallee de Mai Nature Preserve. Accredited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, here you will find the islands precious treasure: The Coco de Mer palm. This plant produces the largest nut on earth, weighing up to 30kg. Next travel to the outer islands many of which are inhabited and showcase earth’s naked beauty. Among these islands include Aldabra Atoll, the second recognized UNCESCO World Heritage Site of the archipelago. This remote region comprised of four main islands is the world’s second largest coral atoll. It also holds the title for having the largest population of giant tortoises, more than 100,000. A sailboat charter in Seychelles will help you check off world heritage site must see.

Perfect Day in Praslin

If you’re looking for peace and quiet you’ve come to the right place! A day in Praslin gives you time to recharge. Take advantage of this island’s quaint and marvelous beaches such as Anse Georgette or Anse Kerlan. Moore your sailboat charter to the harbor before dipping your toes in the turquoise water or spending a lazy day tanning on the smooth sand. Take advantage of the clear ocean and snorkel alongside the friendly turtles. Hungry but don’t want to wander far from the beach? No worries, Bonbon Plume restaurant offers delicious meals just steps from the sand of Anse Lazio. Once your stomach is full and you’ve got enough R&R, make your way to the very popular Vallée de Mai. Here you will find an array of tropical flora and fauna. Warning, after a day on Seychelles’ second largest island you may never want to leave!

How to Get There

Starting your sailboat charter in Seychelles from Mahe? Great, your travel time to the port is fast and simple. First fly into the International Airport and take a cheap taxi or bus. It is only a 11km drive from the city center of Victoria. For those whose nautical holiday starts from a different island, once you land at the international airport hop on one of the many domestic flights offered daily!