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Three Reasons to Rent a Sailboat in Portugal

1.Captivating Coastline

Charming coastal towns and spectacular beaches are just a few of the highlights along Portugal’s nearly 1000km coastline. Begin your journey north of the coastline in Viana do Castelo, an old fishing town plagued with beauty. As you travel south down the coast experience some of the most breath-taking views and memorable sunsets. Make your way via sailboat charter to Portugal’s most southern region, the Algarve, to bask in its glorious climate and uncover hidden coves.

2.Home of Legendary Navigators

Interested in the history of sailing or intrigued by the sailors who braved the seas way back when? You’ve chosen the perfect location! Portugal is home to some of the most world-renowned navigators who have shaped the sailing world and history. Sail your charter to Lisbon to explore the waters where Christopher Columbus was trained before discovering the Americas. Or Visit the tomb of Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese born explorer who was the first European to reach India by sea. This country’s history is packed full of voyagers whose journeys began from the ports your charter awaits. Become a part of history by renting a sailboat and discover the unknown!

3.Vibrant Landscapes

A sailboat charter is the perfect form of transportation to get from one city to the next. However, your Portuguese holiday does not only have to consist of afternoon naps on the beach and floating in the ocean. Portugal offers a rich and wide variety of landscape far beyond the base of your charter. As soon as your boat rental is docked, travel inland to discover the diverse countryside. Plan a navigation route to the northern end of the coastline to explore the mountainous region that forms a border with Spain or wander the rolling hills and plains in the south. Enjoy a long and scenic hike? Sail towards the Azores to trek through volcanic islands showcasing nature’s beauty and wonder.

Island Hop the Azores

Located 1,500km from mainland Portugal in the Atlantic, the Azores is a perfect destination for the more advanced sailors. This archipelago is composed of nine volcanic islands with dramatic landscapes and abundance of wildlife. A sailboat charter Portugal is the best way to get from one island to the next to explore the unique experience of each. Tip: don’t forget your camera, as it is common for whales and dolphins to swim alongside your boat rental to say hello!
Start your voyage in Sao Miguel, the largest island of the Azures, which is nicknamed “The Green Island.” From the moment you step off your charter you will immediately understand the reason for its name: green rolling hills that end at the mouth of clear blue waters. Possibilities on this Portuguese island are endless with activities for every level of adventurous sailor. Canoe on lakes located in the craters of volcanoes, hike trails that lead to breath taking waterfalls, or take a dip in the thermal water pools of the Parque Terra Nostra. For those who want to relax, spend the day on volcanic sand beaches before visiting Europe’s only tea plantations.
Next navigate your way to Santa Maria, an island that has more cows than people. Known as the warmest and driest of the nine islands, Santa Maria attracts sun-seeking travelers to its white sand beaches. Grab your scuba equipment from your sailboat to explore the plentiful marine life the Atlantic Ocean has to offer.
The best time to charter a sailboat to visit the Azores is usually recommended between the months of April and October. During this period the weather deems to be more consistent and vegetation is in full bloom. Whether you choose to spend your entire charter on one island or multiple, the Azores, Portugal is a fantastic destination to fulfill your charter holiday dreams!

Portugal’s Historical Sites

Home to Europe’s oldest major capital city, Portugal is filled with historical sites dating back centuries. Rent a boat to easily access some of the most impressive structures seen around Europe.
Pena Castle, Sintra – An example of 19th century Romanticism style of architecture is on of Portugal’s most beautiful and top attractions
Sao Jorge Castle, Lisbon – perched on a hilltop, this fortification has the best view of the enchanting city of Lisbon. Used by the Moors it was intended to house troops in case of a siege.
Belem Tower, Lisbon – This fortification was built as part of defense system at the mouth of the Tagus River and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983.

Getting There

Portugal has three main international airports: Lisbon Airport, Porto Airport, and Faro Airport. From these three airports, sailors are only a short distance away from some of the busiest marinas. For those who are chartering a sailboat from the Azores, the best way to reach this archipelago is by flying into Ponta Delgada Airport, located on the island of Sao Miguel.