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Sailboat charter in Spain

Three Reasons to Charter a Sailboat in Spain

1. Captivating Costas

With over 500 sailboats available for rental across Mediterranean and Atlantic Spain, the navigation possibilities are endless. Explore one of the country’s beautiful Costas such as the mountainous Costa del Sol, where oak and pine forests cloak the land and golf and watersports are popular with tourists! Or start your adventure from charter base in the laidback Costa del Alhazar; the birthplace of Paella and an area sprinkled with fruit orchards and orange blossom trees, or a sailboat charter in the Costa Brava will mean hidden coves, quaint villages and wild beaches. Every coast of Spain has a unique charm, so find the one for you and embark on your next epic sail!

2. Spanish Cuisine

The Spanish know how to cook. Like much of the Mediterranean, the majority of their cuisine revolves around their locally-grown produce, so if you’re a foody, a sailboat charter in Spain is a good choice for you! Try the famous Gazpacho in Andalusia, a tomato soup served cold, with lots of garlic and olive oil, or the Spanish ‘Tortilla’, a traditional potato omelette. You’ll be able to get churros at most cafes or from street vendors, served with rich dipping chocolate, this is a typical Spanish treat which will infiltrate your taste buds, sweetening your charter holiday!

3. Sailing in Spain

Sailboat charters in Spain are a dream as the Mediterranean climate almost guarantees consistent sun, blue skies and calm winds (5-15 knots), making for very ideal navigation conditions. Between November – April, conditions aren’t quite so perfect, so we advise you to book your charter in the European summer months, and keep an eye on the VHF channel for regular updates.


The artistic heritage of Spain is as rich and colourful as the art itself! With names such as Picasso and Gaudi punctuating the creative scene of so many cities, a sailboat charter here will open your eyes to some of the wonders of Spanish art.

If you navigate through the Costa del Sol, drop anchor in Malaga and visit the Museo de Picasso, or if you’re sailing in Catalonia, you won’t be able to miss out on the chance to spend at least one day in Barcelona. Here you can see Spain’s most visited monument: La Sagrada Família: the unfinished church designed by Gaudi, which began construction in 1882. Barcelona is also home to Gaudi’s Parc Güell, where elaborate mosaics make for an enchanting ‘park’.

Exploring Palma de Majorca…

Palma is the capital of the island of Majorca, located in Spain’s Balearic archipelago. A city rich in historic treasures but with a bustling modernity in its tourism, Palma is a beautiful, exciting city to explore. Before starting your sailboat charter, give yourself some time to wander through the medieval streets, baroque churches, fascinating galleries, charming cafés and restaurants and soak up the atmosphere. Pace of life here is much slower, so take your time and stroll around this beautiful city before hopping on board your sailboat to cruise the glistening, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

Top 5 things to do in Palma during your sailboat charter:

  • Hike up to Bellver Castle, which is located atop a pine-cloaked hill and boasts magnificent panoramic views of the city.
  • Marvel at the honey-coloured ‘La Seu’, sandstone cathedral which covers a mighty 75,000 sq ft.
  • Sample Palma’s specialties at San Juan Mercado Gastronómico, where fresh foods (including oysters, fried squid, sushi, burgers etc.) make for a culinary paradise!
  • Laze on the lush golden sands of Palma City Beach.
  • Gaze at works in the gallery of surrealist painter and sculpture, Barcelonan-born Joan Miró.

Getting There

Reaching your sailboat charter base is kept nice and easy thanks to Spain’s abundance of international airports all over the mainland and islands. This includes Malaga International Airport, which is located 8km South-West of the city, and Palma de Majorca International Airport which is located 8km East of the city. If needed, your charter base can organize transfers from the airport to the marina, (at an additional cost), just inform your GlobeSailor advisor!