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Why should I choose a yacht charter in Sukosan?

1. Dynamic Ambiance of Sukosan

Compared to more luxury islands in Croatia, a yacht charter in Sukosan means you can spend the week sailing in a place that manages to maintain an intimacy and friendly vibe which is ideal for sharing a drink with friends or heading out to a bar. ‘Carpe Diem’ is not far from the marina and offers a great price range of drinks and cocktails to enjoy after a day on your boat with your skipper. A vibrant nightlife awaits you not far from Sukosan marina, where your boat will be safely docked and your belongings minded in the cabins. But you can certainly party all night long in the Ibiza equivalent of Croatia, before returning to the berths in the early hours of the morning.

2. Adventurous Sailing and Watersports of Croatia

In Sukosan, there are many ways to keep moving during your yacht charter week that are slightly more entertaining than football or tennis. Why not leave the boat in the marina and trade sailing in your yacht for a canoe? Go diving or snorkelling off the coast of Croatia and see the beautiful sea floor. The ‘Zipline d’Omiš’ is an immensely popular attraction in Sukosan for those who charter a yacht here; a 2,100-metre long zipline which stretches over a canyon and river, sure to be a highlight of your week and definitely worth the price! It will be a relief when you return to your boat in the berths and rest in the cabins after an exhilarating day. Just ask your skipper for details on how to get there, or if you have a bareboat yacht charter, just ask in the Sukosan marina!

3. Mouth-Watering Cuisine of Sukosan

The gastronomy of Croatia rivals the best that even Italy has to offer, and it will be difficult to sample all the food Sukosan has to offer during your yacht charter week. However, these are the essential dishes you must dry after a day of sailing in Croatia:
Goat’s Cheese - called ‘Paški sir’, this cheese is produced on Pag island and is usually eaten as a starter or an aperitif. A symbol of Dalmatian cuisine and of Croatia in general, be sure to grab some to share with your skipper as you spend the week sailing through Sukosan! A perfect late-night treat before returning to your cabins.
Brudet - This is a specialty to Croatia with fish at the heart of it. Any type of fish can be used, so you can grab whatever is available in the markets or stores near Sukosan marina and have fresh fish for dinner on your yacht charter. Served with polenta, it is a great dish to make at a low price and is loved by the locals of Sukosan.
Black Risotto - A week yacht charter in Sukosan wouldn’t be complete without trying this signature dish of Croatia, sure to get your taste buds tingling. The rice is cooked with the cuttlefish and with the ink. Some restaurants may prefer to use powdered cuttlefish ink rather than fresh, but regardless this dish is delicious and a perfect dinner to replenish you after a day of sailing.

Beer of Croatia

One of the best things about a sailing yacht charter in Sukosan is the quality and price of the beer. Croatia mainly produces lager, with Karlovačko or Ožujsko being the most popular. If you decided against a bareboat charter and chose “skipper optional” in your booking, why not ask their opinion on the best beer to have on the yacht at sea, or even in the berths of the marina? Award-winning beer (that is also available for those on the boat who prefer non-alcoholic beer) is the perfect way to finish a day of sailing before a good night’s sleep in the cabins. You can find these beers in any restaurant in Sukosan for an enviable price too!

What to know before your week yacht charter in Sukosan

The currency of Croatia is called the Kuna. Even though Croatia has been a part of the European Union since 2013, the Euro is not accepted, and you can change money on the island in banks or in the airport before you arrive to your yacht charter in the berths of the marina. Card payment is accepted, and you can also make cash withdrawals if necessary in the ATM of Sukosan. The main languages spoken in Croatia are: Croatian, English, German and Italian. In terms of living costs, a yacht charter in Sukosan is affordable because meals out are relatively low price in comparison to the UK. A main meal will often equate to about 10 euros and significantly less for a pizza or café food. Supermarkets and market places are also cheaper than in the UK which makes provisioning for your charter easy. Your skipper can recommend shops to visit during the day so you can eat on your boat and have an early night in your cabins, or you can spend the week eating in the best establishments in Sukosan.

Sailing conditions in Croatia

The berths of any marina in Croatia tend to fill up in the middle of summer, so if you want to ensure you spend your week in Sukosan sailing and not avoiding tourists, then September is a great month for a yacht charter. You can benefit from a more compelling price for your boat rental, whether bareboat charter or skipper, and sleeping in your cabins will be more peaceful at night. Zadar is subject to the same sailing conditions as the rest of Croatia, so ensure you check the weather for the week before you set sail. Typically, Sukosan gets enviable sunshine between April and October, but it is important to be aware of the Bora, Jugo, and Maestral winds during your sailing trip. Your skipper will be familiar with the weather patterns which occur throughout the year, and more information is available in the marina. Choose from a range of yachts and catamarans, from Bavaria Cruisers to the Lagoon Series, to Dufour Grand Large boats… whatever you need you will find in Sukosan at the best price.