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3 Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Šibenik

Spend a day discovering the medieval details of Croatia

The medieval history of Šibenik gives it a unique character. Begin your day on your yacht charter, then dock your sailboat or catamaran in the marina and view the cobbled streets winding from the sea. Don’t waste an instant to soak up the culture of Šibenik. St. James’ Cathedral, built in 1536, is full of fascinating architectural details, and is an essential monument to visit when you need a break from visiting each island on your yachts. Take in an incredible view of every motorboat and other boats (such as Bavaria Cruiser and Dufour yachts) which have docked for the week from St. Michael’s Fortress. The panorama of the charters in the sea, and each island in the distance, makes you fall in love in an instant with Šibenik. Every day spent on bareboat or crewed rentals here makes you fall in love a little bit more.

Delicious cuisine in Šibenik

If you’re a foodie, you can’t go wrong in Croatia! Spend every instant sampling some fabulous cuisine. A yacht charter in Šibenik will open your eyes to a glorious world of Mediterranean meats, spices, and seafood, all locally caught in the Adriatic Sea and produced to create a truly delightful cuisine. Collect some scrumptious bits every day at a great price and bring them back to your cabins to enjoy while your catamaran or sailboat are in their berths. Below you can view details of food you have to try during the week that you rent your crewed or bareboat charters:
Punjene paprika: Peppers stuffed with minced beef or pork, spices, rice and cooked in a tomato sauce, sure to be an instant favourite during your rentals.
Cobanac: slow cooked, spicy lamb/pork stew, perfect for those on boats who don’t like sea food.
Arancini: candied orange/ lemon/ grapefruit peel, traditional Croatian sweets ideal if there are kids on the charters.
Fritule: ball-shaped deep-fried dough balls, with lemon, rains and a dash of local liqueur – available throughout Croatia, from Split to Dubrovnik.

All these great dishes in Šibenik – available at a low price and make for great food every day! Anyone who charters here must spend the week trying new food from across the islands!

Sail your charters to the sea side in Croatia

Croatia has always been known for its glorious coastline and the beaches of Šibenik will not disappoint. During your yacht charter you will come across the sparkling waters, golden sands, and vast white powdery beaches – reminiscent of a lagoon and a popular destination for all yachts from Bavaria to Dufour to motorboat, to stop and admire the view. Get details about the pebbled, Blue Flag-awarded Banj beach, home to the cleanest water in Croatia, and where you will be met with beautiful view of old Šibenik from your rentals. 8km from Šibenik city lies Solaris Beach, where you will find impeccably soft sands, perfect for lounging on the beach after a day of sailing (why not rent a beach chair for a day – available at a low price?). If you sail your yacht a little further down the coast, you will come across the beautiful natural bay home to Zaboric Beach, where crystalline waters are surrounded by fragrant pine forest, making the area feel wild and untouched! Choose to spend the night in your cabins in smaller berths, if you don’t want your charters to be in the marina.

Šibenik: Details about Marina Mandalina

If you begin your yacht charter in Šibenik, your base will be Marina Mandalina. Located just south of the city, the harbour is sheltered by the peninsula and a breakwater that protects from a southerly wind, meaning the berths for rentals are very safe. Rewarded by the “Harbour Yacht Association” as a quality assured berthing facility, Mandalina can accommodate any yacht, catamaran, or bareboat measuring up to 140 meters in length and offers 429 berths in the sea and another 50 built in land. This means your Dufour, Bavaria, motorboat, or whatever boat you decide to rent, will be looked after thoroughly.

Here you will find all the necessary services for your sailing trip in Šibenik at your disposal at any instant: reception, brand new toilet facilities and showers, water, electricity, parking service, refit & maintenance support, currency exchange office, free WI-FI, shopping centres nearby, restaurants, and so much more. You can also find all the details concerning passenger price, yacht insurance and more here or before you begin sailing the islands on your charters.

Sailing Conditions for your rentals

As one of the world’s best sailing grounds, the climate of Croatia consistently provides ideal navigation conditions for a week yacht charter throughout the year. The mild winds and average temperatures of 30°C make for a glorious sailing experience in Šibenik, but just be aware of the Bura and Jugo winds which can pose challenges to charters; so always view up to date with local forecasts before you leave the berths in the marina to go to an island in the Adriatic Sea! Even if the weather is not ideal for sailing in that instant, there is so much to do in Šibenik, so don’t think you will have to spend the day in your cabins! Rentals in this location often benefit from the best weather.

Getting to your yacht charter in Šibenik

Although there is no airport in the city of Šibenik, it is not tricky to reach your yacht charter marina. The airports of Split and Zadar are both between 40-50km from Šibenik, and local buses connect the cities. The bus journey from either airport should take between 1.5–2 hours to reach your rentals and to begin island hopping your yacht or motorboat through the islands in the Adriatic Sea the instant you arrive!