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When you charter a bareboat yacht (or include the optional crew) in Pirovac, you are transported in time in an instant back to a base in an authentic village of Croatia, with traditional values and a welcoming atmosphere. Although there is an old-style feel to the village, the marina is still modern and well-equipped for anything you or your guests may need during your week of sailing on your bareboat or crewed charters. With two hundred berths catering for yachts of various length, this marina is ideal for a sailing holiday in Croatia as the price is far more competitive than neighbouring Sibenik or larger cities. The final price includes power supply, showers built on site, Wi-Fi, and there is a grocery store and restaurant nearby, meaning the things you need are never too far from your boat. It is charming to view the variety of motorboat and yacht charters which dock in Marina Pirovac. You and your guests could spend the day looking at the yachts, including Bavaria Cruiser, Sun Odyssey, Elan Impression, and more. Whether you choose a bareboat charter or choose the optional skipper on your yacht charter in Pirovac, everything you need will be found in this marina. Choose to rent the available dinghy to make transport more convenient.
Please note when you are booking your yacht charter in Pirovac to log details on max persons allowed on boat, as if you choose the optional skipper in your final booking, the number of cabins includes one for them and enough for your guests.

Why choose Pirovac for a yacht charter?

Day trips to iconic destinations of Croatia

Pirovac is an ideal location for you and your guests to spend the week sailing and visiting some of the most loved attractions of Croatia. Leave your cabins early and set sail for Sibenik, a gorgeous and pristine city blessed with two UNESCO monuments. Your skipper can choose the quickest route available to travel by boat from the base, and you can choose to dock overnight in the marina. From here, a short journey inland will lead you to the famous Krka National Park and the cascading waterfalls. For a small price, you can view the luscious landscape of Croatia here, which includes fascinating natural paths, admiring the intricate details of the vegetation which flourish under the sun here. The beauty of yacht charters in Pirovac is you can spend a day or two visiting more iconic cities, before a final return to the tranquility of the small fishing village for a chilled night in your cabins of your boat.

Sun every day in Pirovac

Just like everywhere else in Croatia, Pirovac benefits from some superb weather, with endless hours of sun and steady winds ideal for sailing on your yacht charter or motorboar rentals. The hottest months of the year occur between June and August, meaning you and your guests will have to pack suncream on the boat that you rent, and make use of the fans in the cabins! But this is a small price to pay for extraordinary sunshine. You can find great weather between March and October, with most yacht charters finishing in the final week of September. Winds tend to average between 10 and 20 knots, so if you have a skipper, they will be well used to these conditions for sailing. If you opt for a bareboat charter, be sure to check the details of the weather forecast available in Croatia before your yacht charter leaves the marina. Sometimes the Bura Wind or the Jugo wind can cause undesirable sailing conditions, but overall, you should be able to sail any week in these summer months.

Log a visit to some attractions in Pirovac during the bareboat or crewed charters

Although small, there are still some beautiful details to explore and discover in Pirovac that render the town an authentic sailing base. If you want to see the best views of the yachts or motorboat rentals in the marina, then hike to the peak of Makrinia Trail, where the instant the final view can be seen is sure to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. If you would prefer to stay closer to sea level during your yacht charter week in Croatia, then Lolic Beach could be the best choice for you. A sublime alternative to sleeping in your cabins on the boat is to rent an available deckchair for a low price and top up your tan! After a day of sailing your rentals, return to dry land and ask your skipper for some food recommendations. Stroll through the ancient streets full of character and teeming with history which give an astounding impression of life here long ago. Walk the length of Pirovac before a final drink on board your boat charter in the evening.

How to get to my yacht charter in Marina Pirovac?

To reach your boat rentals in Pirovac, the closest airports can be found in Zadar or Split, with each being roughly one hour away from the marina. Split caters for more international routes, while Zadar increases routes during high season of the year, although you may have to pay a higher price during a busy week. There are bus links between Sibenik and Pirovac should you be travelling from within Croatia to your charters. You and your guests can also organise transfers from the airport to ensure you reach your cabins quickly to unpack and begin your day sailing on your yacht charter or motorboat.