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What to do in Losinj during your week of sailing on your charters

Nicknamed The Island of Vitality , this boat hire haven includes to a range of magical natural landscapes, and an extremely impressive harbour. Here is how you should spend a day here on your bareboat or crewed rentals, beginning the morning of day one until docking your boat hire on your final day, from exploring the main town of Mali Losinj, to finding details about the best food available at the best price:

Beach-hopping on your boat rentals

When you hire a boat in Losinj, it definitely includes a tour of beaches. A yacht charter from Mali Losinj Marina is the perfect way to spend a week bronzing by the sea on your towels or linen available to rent. Often touted as an exquisite part of Croatia, many of the beaches are pebbled with tranquil waves that give the impression of a heavenly escape. If you wish to stay close to bars and restaurants which serve food at a great price for your final meal, sail your bareboat or crewed yacht charter to Rovenska, where you can find residents and visitors alike rubbing shoulders on the promenade built by the shore. If you and your guests are looking to spend the day in seclusion, surrounded by the natural beauty of the details of Losinj, then Javorna is the best place to bring your passenger crew on your sailboat, motor boat, or catamaran hire. Here, the iconic vegetation associated with this region of Croatia is on full view and will be a highlight of your week of sailing. After sleeping all day on the beach, return to your cabins to get ready for a final night out in some of Mali Losinj’s most charming restaurants – just shake all the sand from the towels and linen before getting on your charters!

Discover the luscious vegetation of Losinj

If you and your friends fancy a break during your week of sailing, dock your yacht charters in marina Mali Losinj, and head to the Garden of Fine Scents. Here, a vibrant, vivid, and aromatic collection of native and foreign species of plants and flowers are on display. Travel the length of the garden to appreciate the diverse wildlife which calls Losinj home. With the first flower you see as beautiful as the final flower, you will leave Croatia after your sailing vacation with the impression that the country is fertile, and abundant with life. This is one of the more popular day activities for those who spend a week here on a boat charter. When you and your guests return to the cabins to rest in the clean linen of your yacht charter in the marina, the aroma of the flowers will still linger, reminding you of the beauty of Mali Losinj.

Marvel at the details of the view over Mali Losinj

It is hard not to notice the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in Mali Losinj as it is built upon a hill and the tower offers stellar views of the town, the marina, and all the yacht charters berthed there. A historical landmark which houses some of incredible works of art from different eras of Croatia. If you want even more impressive views of Losinj and the surrounding islands, you and your guests should journey to the summit of Providenca Tematski Vidikovac. You can return to your yacht charter to continue to your next destination. Alternatively, you can make it your final activity in Mali Losinj of the day, leaving you with a stunning impression of this sailing hotspot.

Marina Losinj

You and your guests should be rest assured that anything you may need, from extra towels to linen, from the dinghy to gas, for your yacht charter can be found in this stunning, state-of-the-art marina conveniently built close to one of the most beautiful archipelagos in Croatia. Catering for a variety of yachts, from sailboat to catamaran rentals, from a day charter to a week of sailing. 165 berths can take yachts up to 30m in length, whether it is an Elan Impression or a luxury yacht. Make sure to view details of what the price of your bareboat or crewed charters includes, with a list of prices available on Marina Losinj website. Don’t forget to factor in the final cleaning cost, dinghy, and yacht insurance!

Sailing conditions in Croatia

It is no wonder that Croatia proves, year after year, to be the most popular yacht charter destination. Everyone wants to sail their boat rentals through the islands for a week, stopping somewhere new every day and basking in the sun. Thanks to the relatively lower price for a yacht charter in Mali Losinj compared to larger cities in Croatia, especially in the final weeks of July and August, you and every passenger will enjoy the stunning sunshine, with temperatures reaching the high twenties in the mid-summer months. Sailing the length of the Adriatic Sea requires steady winds, and the strength of 10-20 knots provides the perfect conditions for your yacht charter. When you reach your final stopping point from your holiday in Mali Losinj, you will never want to leave the magical landscape. It is almost like this place was built to ensure each passenger has an exceptional transit (which includes the weather).

How to get to your final destination of Mali Losinj

Mali Losinj on the island of Losinj requires a sea ferry to reach. There are services available for a competitive price beginning in Rijeka and a final stop in Losinj, or you can get details of the passenger ferry which operates between your yacht charter destination and Pula or Zadar. Once you arrive, you will want to unpack in your cabins and begin sailing straight away, discovering the exquisite coastline aboard your sailboat or catamaran charters.