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Marina Kornati

With availability all year round, Marina Kornati is very modern with its three interconnected dock-basins offering 750 berths for any yacht charter. It can accommodate boats visiting Biograd na Moru measuring up to 23 meters in length with a maximum draught of 6.5 meters. There, you will be provided with all the necessary comfort and facilities you need for a peaceful and easy stopover during your week of sailing on your bareboat or optional skipper charter: water and electricity on the pontoons, mooring and safety assistance 24 hours a day, toilet facilities and showers built on site near the yachts, Internet access, fuel station, laundry service, currency exchange, supermarkets, markets, restaurants… all at a competitive price for your sailboat or catamaran – and no cab needed to get to these establishments! Even better: this marina of Biograd na Moru has a Blue Flag status, meaning it possesses real top management and facilities – always a good impression before your bareboat or crewed charter. If you and your guests choose to have skipper optional for your week yacht charter, you can meet them in Marina Kornati and continue your week of sailing from here.

Enjoy a week yacht charter in Biograd na Moru at a great price

Discover the magic of the Dalmatian coastline and each island with a yacht charter originating from Biograd na Moru which you will love in an instant. Thanks to a range of pristine national parks, gorgeous stretches of coastline, and unparalleled sun, sailing from here presents an unforgettable opportunity for you and your guests to discover the hidden gems of Croatia and spend time in some incredible locations such as Zadar with a great view from your bareboat or crewed vessel. Your skipper can guide you towards popular spots, or if you decide to rent bareboat, you can get details from the marina about where you should dock your cruiser boat during your sailing week.

Kornati National Park

Several islands in this archipelago are seen to be uninhabited, untouched, and unspoiled, so they display the truly wild landscape which makes Croatia so unique and ideal for exploring by bareboat and crewed charters. Begin your week of exploration of these islands with your guests on your yacht charter from Biograd na Moru and follow you or your skipper’s own itinerary. Make the most of the bays and coves where you can dock, spend the night at sea on the cabins of your catamaran or sailboat, and all at no price! Sailing here is the perfect idea of island-hopping, whether you rent an Elan Impression or Bavaria Cruiser. The rich, real colours of the landscape exude life and fertility, showing the most diverse range of life in Croatia. Return to the marina in Biograd na Moru after a day of exploration on your yacht charter to enjoy some time in the lively restaurants and bars in the area. Usually, there availability for a table, but if you want dinner with a view at specific times, you can get details on how to call ahead before you are finished island hopping.

Time for food in Biograd na Moru

The last thing anyone wants during their yacht charter holiday in Biograd na Moru is to pay a high price for mediocre food. Thankfully, there is a range of scrumptious dining options to avail of in the town once you leave your boat in the marina. Get dressed in the cabins, bid adieu to your skipper (if you don’t choose bareboat rentals), and it’s time for you and your guests to get an impression of the cuisine of Croatia. Naturally, most establishments specialise in Mediterranean food, using fresh produce and catches straight from the boat after it returns from the lagoon or open ocean. After a day sailing from island to island on your yacht, try the tantalising range of dishes in Kaciol, with the combination of pasta and fish being executed to perfection. Other incredible places in Biograd na Moru include the flavoursome steaks in Konoba “MAX”, and the picturesque setting of Konoba Kampanel. You really could spend all your time during your yacht charter sampling a range of delicious dishes in Croatia, so make sure you ask the skipper for recommendations close to the marina, or even buy some produce in your supermarket to enjoy on the boat in the middle of Kornati National Park. The instant you try the food here, you and your guests will get a great impression of the quality of produce here.

Sailing conditions in Biograd na Moru and Croatia

Croatia benefits from unparalleled sunshine most of the time throughout the year, with temperatures during the day in Biograd na Moru reaching the high twenties. High season typically occurs in July and August, so if you want to avoid a crowded marina full of boats, try a yacht charter in late spring or even September. September sees a lower price, and warmer sea temperatures should you wish to go swimming or diving during your sailing excursion. When it comes to wind speed, your boat should be perfectly capable to handle the steady winds averaging between 10 and 20 knots in Biograd na Moru, while your skipper will be well used to sailing in these conditions also. At times, you may be warned of stronger winds such as Bura or Jugo, so make sure you check the real time weather in the marina before you leave your cabins or ask the skipper who oversees the yacht charter. But in general, charters in Croatia are a hugely relaxing and enjoyable experience.

How to reach my yacht charter in Biograd na Moru

While your boat waits in the marina of Biograd na Moru, you must spend time researching the best way to get to this part of Croatia – and at the best price. If you are arriving to your yachts from abroad, the nearest airport is Zadar airport which is connected to bus routes, or you can grab a cab. There are international routes which increase during the high season for yacht charter. If you do not have a connecting flight to Zadar, you could also fly to Split which is a little further away, but a popular arrival airport for charters. Once you reach Biograd na Moru, meet your skipper, take charge of the cockpit of the boat, and begin your week of sailing on board your Sun Odyssey, Bavaria Cruiser, or Elan Impression, the details of the view of the sea which can be seen from the bareboat or crewed yachts you rent will make the hard times travelling worthwhile.