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Perfect sailing holiday for families

Pomer is a popular destination for families, who often descend on their yachts to take advantage of the peaceful shores and gorgeous backdrops of rich and vibrant forests. It is also a much more affordable price for the berths than many of the popular yacht charter destinations in Croatia, such as Split and Dubrovnik, yet you can still spend every day discovering the breathtaking Dalmatian coastline. Primely located close to the magical town of Pula, you can spend the days visiting your favourite locations in Croatia before returning your yacht charter to the marina in Pomer at night for a well-deserved night sleep in your cabins. The peaceful surroundings, relaxed atmosphere, and family-friendly activities are sure to delight families booking their sailing holiday.

Sailing to Pula

For a day trip (or even a few days) Pomer offers great access to the lively and energetic town of Pula, where you will find more crowds and plenty of sightseeing options available to your and your family. Dock your yacht charter in the berths of the marina and head ashore to be astounded by the Amphitheatre, a stunning display of Roman architecture. Swap your boat for some more adrenaline-pumping watersports with equipment like windsurfing and kayaking – available at a great price. Or why not even try something completely new by booking a Buggy Safari – a private tour around Pula in a crazy mode of transport? From sailing your yacht charter to drifting in these vehicles, you are sure to have an amazing time in Croatia – and be ready for a great sleep in your cabins when you return to Pomer at the end of the day.

Dining at a great price in Pula and Medulin

While you can always dine on board your yacht charter in the berths of the marina in Pomer, you may decide that booking a table in one of the superb restaurants in the nearby towns could be an option for you. After a day of sailing, you are sure to have worked up an appetite. In Croatia, there are several delicacies you simply must try on the days you decide to dine out:

Peka: A favourite among locals in Pula, and indeed across Croatia, this is a dish which prepares meat in a slow-cooked method which render it tender and succulent.

Istrian Ombolo: Pairing pork with pear and potatoes is not something you would have initially thought as delicious, but it is definitely one of the best dishes you can find around Pomer and Medulin!

Seafood It wouldn’t be a sailing holiday without trying at least one seafood dish. Thankfully, the fish is all fresh off the boat and prepared using local ingredients, meaning great quality food at a fantastic price. You are sure to find seafood in any restaurant close to the berths of the marina.

With so many options in Pula and Medulin, you can end the day with a succulent meal in a private atmosphere with your friends and family before retiring to your yacht charter for a bottle of wine and a rest in the cabins. Although booking a table is advised, you can usually find something available in most establishments close by!

Sailing conditions in Croatia

A truly remarkable sailing location awaits in Pomer thanks to the sublime sunshine and gentle breezes averaging 10 to 20 knots. It is no wonder that berths in the marinas of Croatia become less available in high season – everyone booking wants to explore this jewel of the Adriatic. In July and August, expect your yacht charter price to be a little more expensive due to the higher temperatures and increased demand. But thanks to a large window of opportunity for sailing, you can charter a boat in Pomer any time between April and October and still benefit from extraordinary conditions. Make sure to have sunscreen in the cabins of your yacht charter, and to check the weather conditions prior to leaving the marina. It is also worth noting the Bora and Jugo winds which may affect your sailing itinerary. Your boat should have equipment available to detect wind speeds throughout the day, but typically a yacht charter in Pomer during the summer is a relaxed and tranquil affair.

How to get to Pomer

Flying to Croatia from a range of European destinations means you can choose an airport which suits you. Pula airport is closest to Pomer, with only a short drive needed to transfer you to the marina, where your yacht charter will be waiting in the berths. You could even choose a booking to Venice, should the price be more affordable. Some families choose to begin their sailing holiday elsewhere in Croatia, before continuing on to Pomer – a trip which could take a few days. No matter which method you choose, once you arrive on your yacht charter you will be eager to get sailing, learning how to use the equipment, and discovering everything Croatia has to offer.