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Sail to the beautiful beaches of Pula

An extremely beautiful town in Croatia, the culture of Pula is centred around the sea. With a range of beaches to sail to, you may struggle to find your favourite beach of Istria. Whether you want bustling spots for your bareboat, or hidden gems only your boat skipper will know, you will find it during your week yacht charter in Pula. Brioni Beach is a perfect sailing destination to visit during the day. The Blue Flag Beach found in Verdulela is ideal for snorkelling – just rent gear from a nearby company or arrange for it in the marina. You can also choose to jump in off your boat charter for a refreshing swim. Equally as alluring is the beach of Proština, a very popular destination for sailing tourists on their charter holiday. The historic Roman ruins and fortified old buildings with a lighthouse are incredibly beautiful and offer a stellar view over the landscape of the north of Croatia. Sailing to a beach is the best holiday activity because it offers serenity, sunbathing, and swimming at no price!

A night out on the town – Croatian nightlife

A day spent sailing around Pula on your yacht charter may leave you wanting your cabins straight away, but it would be a mistake to just spend the nights in the berths of the marina when there is such a vibrant summer nightlife outside your boat. Like with everything in Pula, the clubs and bars are steeped in a rich history, with many in ancient and historic buildings. Stop om Cabahia, one of the most popular spots in the city. Fans of hipster vibes will just love this night out during their yacht charter week. When you rent a boat in Pula, you also cannot miss Bass bar, which is essentially an enormous mansion. With an extensive cocktail menu and laid-back environment, you won’t want to spend a night in the cabins of your yacht – you will want to book a table and party all night long! Still haven’t found what you are looking for after your day of sailing? Just ask the skipper, who will be more than happy to point you in the right direction or enjoy a glass of wine from Croatia on the deck of your bareboat yacht charter, admiring the sunset over the sea in Pula and nearby islands.

Art Museums in Pula

Art has played an immense role in the history of Pula, and a newly opened Verduela Art Park is a testament to this. The new park is in between Ambrela beach and is home to an array of sculptures and installations made in Croatia and abroad. This unique park intertwines architecture, lighting projects, and sculpting, and is sure to be a highlight of any yacht charter holiday. The largest art museum in Pula is the Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria. The museum features work created from the second half of the last century up until works made this year, created by artists from around the globe. An interesting museum to book during your week of sailing in Pula is the MEMO Museum - museum of everyday life and good memories. Designed to be interactive this museum takes you on a trip back to the beginning of the 50s to the end of the 80s with multimedia display. You could spend the whole week of your yacht charter in Pula admiring the details of the most eccentric and moving artwork of Croatia.

Why choose Pula for a yacht charter?

Pula is a lesser-known city compared to larger cities in Croatia, but it is a superb yacht charter location. Not only does the city benefit from unparalleled sunshine from the April to October season, making sailing an even more pleasant experience, but each marina is more than capable to cater for any yacht or boat charter of any length. Choose to book from Marina Veruda, ACI Marina Pula, Trget, and more, as each is a great starting point for your week sail throughout Croatia. As you walk through the berths of the marina, you can view the range of yacht and boat types such as Bavaria Cruisers, Dufour Grand Large, Sun Odyssey a whole host of other yachts. A Pula yacht charter can also have skipper optional, who will be more than happy to help you throughout the day with sailing techniques or point you to some great locations in Pula.

As for the sailing experience in Pula, and across Croatia – be rest assured you will have the sail of a lifetime. On board your yacht charter you will enjoy the sizzling temperatures of the high twenties during this season, the gentle breezes of between 10 and 20 knots, and the tranquil ocean waves which gently rock the boat from island to island. September sees the warmest water temperature should you wish to go for a swim during the week, and with plenty of outdoor activities to partake in, you will be more than happy to rest your head in the cabins once you have returned to the berths in the marina.

How to get to my yacht charter in Pula?

You won’t have any stress when it comes to reaching the marina for your yacht charter in Pula. With an airport that offers many international European routes and internal flights from Croatia, which increase in the busy season of the year, you can reach your boat in no time. If you are arriving from Venice, why not begin your week of sailing early with a sail on board a yacht? There are also public transport services throughout the day connecting Pula airport to the marina. The biggest stress you will have is unpacking in your cabins! After that, once your boat leaves the berths of the marina, it is just you, your yacht charter, and the open ocean.