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4.4/5 - 22 reviews
July 2023
I would like to thank our skipper once again. He helped to make this sailing trip to the Lofoten both very easy and very interesting for us, and he was great company. Apart from the stunning natural beauty of the archipelago, he introduced us to the community life on the islands and some of his friends there. His recommendations for walks were always spot on. We were pleasantly surprised by the (very good) condition of the Delphia 47, considering the harsh conditions she sails in. The weather also contributed to the success of this trip, which we all consider to be one of the best of the many we have undertaken.
July 2018
During the check-in, the most frequent manager's answer was "I don't know". During the check-out, the small scratch was found (it was my bad) nevertheless I've got full deposit back. Fuel instrument and largest burner on the stove was not working. All other things were fine. The boat is pretty new and well maintained. The destination is really beautiful. You can choose a route with big waves and strong winds or you can choose still waters. Nature is beautiful and very different too.
July 2017
Highly recommended!
August 2023
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