Norway: a fascinating country to discover through the seasons

An unforgettable experience not to be missed!

  • Expedition / Adventure

Norway: a fascinating country to discover through the seasons

Have you always dreamed of exploring Norway aboard a catamaran? We have found the ideal cruise for you. Alongside Marte and Eric, aboard their comfortable catamaran, set off to discover the local culture. Your days will be punctuated by stopovers allowing you to contemplate the Northern Lights, go ski hiking or even explore the coast on foot (depending on the season).

Cruise Highlights

  • Discover Norway according to the season
  • Gaze at the Northern Lights
  • Skiing in the Norwegian mountains

Your Boat

  • Lagoon 51
  • 4 total cabins
  • 8 people max
  • 2 crew members

You will sail alongside Marte and Eric, 2 destination experts who travel the Norwegian Sea aboard a comfortable Lagoon 51. This fully equipped 15-meter catamaran will allow you to enjoy every moment. The flybridge and its 360-degree panoramic view is the perfect place to not miss any of the magnificent landscapes available to you. Inside, the saloon is spacious enough to accommodate all passengers around a good meal.

  • Fridge
  • Oven
  • Filter coffee machine
  • Generator
  • Heating
  • Hot water
  • GPS

The owner reserves the right to replace with a different boat model of the same quality and performance

Your Cabin

This catamaran can accommodate 8 passengers in its 4 double cabins. All cabins are equipped with heating, storage, electrical outlets and a double bed.

The captain's cabin (located on the starboard hull) is available at an additional cost.

  • Interior Cabin

    Interior Cabin

    The interior cabin does not have a porthole. The shower room and toilets are to be shared with the forward port cabin.

  • Port Front Cabin

    Port Front Cabin

    The port front cabin has a porthole. Its bathroom and toilets are to be shared with the interior cabin.

  • Port Aft Cabin

    Port Aft Cabin

    The port aft cabin has a porthole and a bathroom with private toilet.

Itinerary of your cruise

Marte and Eric invite you to discover Norway through the seasons (winter, spring and summer), thanks to its 3 thematic itineraries. You will undeniably be seduced by one of them.


Contemplate the hypnotic spectacle of the Northern Lights

DAY 1: Herøy
Meet at 3pm in the port of Herøy for your boarding. You drop off your luggage in your cabin and explore this superb catamaran. After getting to know your teammates better, the crew cast off and head north. For dinner, Marte concocts a dish with Norwegian flavours.

DAYS 2 & 3: Husvær – Asvær (Helgeland)
You stop at Helgeland. This magnificent district offers an ideal setting for outdoor activities whether on land or at sea. During the day, you can explore the area by kayak or go hiking to discover unforgettable panoramas. At nightfall, with a good blanket or by the fireside, you can scan the sky and admire the ballet of the northern lights.

DAY 4: Lovund
This morning, you have the chance to take in some of the beauty of Helgeland on a snorkelling trip. Your cruise then continues to the island of Lovund. This small town immerses you in the local culture. For dinner, the crew suggests you dine in the restaurant of the Hotel Lovund, whose cuisine has a very good reputation (optional).

DAY 5: Træna
For another day, we head to the islands of Træna. Once again, there's a wide choice of activities on offer. You can enjoy a sauna session (optional) or explore the island on a hike. Relax one last time as you look to the sky to watch the Northern Lights.

DAY 6: Nesna
Today you will discover the island of Nesna and its splendid landscapes. You can visit a local brewery (optional). Your free time will allow you to explore the island at your leisure. Afterwards, enjoy a tasty dinner based on local dishes. A treat for the taste buds.

DAY 7: Nesna - Herøy
Early departure to reach Herøy. Your disembarkation is scheduled for around 11am.

Preserved nature to discover on foot or by ski touring

DAY 1: Herøy - Tomma
Meet at 3pm in the port of Herøy. After having toured the boat and chatting with your travelling companions, it will be time to set sail for Tomma. Once on the island, you have the choice between a ski tour (optional) or exploring the surroundings at your own pace. You dine in the middle of this magnificent setting of snow-capped mountains and white sand beaches.

DAY 2: Tomma - Handesøya
This morning, you take the direction of Handesøya. This island is home to many agricultural farms that you will have the opportunity to visit (optional) in the afternoon. At the end of the day, your crew invites you to dine at Til Elise Fra Marius, a local restaurant renowned for its Norwegian cuisine.

DAY 3: Handesøya - Melfjorden
Your skipper hoists the sails and sets sail for Melfjorden and its vertiginous mountains. You drop anchor in a charming little cove that you can explore on foot or by kayak.
Possibility of ski touring (optional).

DAYS 4 & 5: Melfjorden - Svartisen
Your journey continues in the Svartisen glacier, whose unspoiled nature is absolutely beautiful. Nothing better than a guided walk to let yourself be enchanted by the place and enjoy the fresh air. Friendly dinner based on local products.
Possibility of ski touring (optional).

DAY 6: Svartisen - Lovund
You spend the day on the small island of Lovund, particularly famous for its beaches. Discover this island by following its paths and contemplating the landscape. At the end of the day, the crew will make a campfire where you can discuss your stops.
Possibility of ski touring and dinner on land (optional).

DAY 7: Lovund - Herøy
Early departure to reach Herøy. Your disembarkation is scheduled for around 11am.

The Midnight Sun, a natural phenomenon where the sun does not set

DAY 1: Herøy - Åsvær
Meet at 3pm at the port of Herøy for your boarding. The crew takes you to your cabin and lets you tour the boat to soak up the surroundings. The crew prepares to cast off and set sail for the Åsvær archipelago, particularly famous for its herring fishing. You will have the opportunity to explore them by kayak, and even during a snorkeling trip. For dinner, Marte cooks some local seasonal specialties for you.

DAYS 2 & 3: Åsvær - Træna - Lovund
Your journey continues north with a stopover in the Træna Islands. Your crew will guide you to these magical places to meet and interact with the islanders. The most courageous will set off for a sporty hike to the top of the mountains. Once they arrive up there, an incredible panorama will be offered to them. You then go to the unmissable island of Lovund, known for its salmon farms in fish farming and its countless colonies of puffins. Here again the environment lends itself perfectly to water activities. Take advantage of your evening to watch the sunset from the flybridge.

DAYS 4 & 5: Lovund - Tomma - Nesna
Your catamaran sails towards the neighbouring islands of Tomma and Nesna. On-site, you have the opportunity to visit the Raus brewery (optional) and go on magnificent hikes. You pass through the Utskarpen fjords and take out your camera to immortalize this incredible landscape. Marte and Eric invite you to dine at Til Elise Fra Marius, a gourmet restaurant serving fish, seafood and seasonal meat.

DAY 6: Nesna - Vega
It's time to start your return journey. You head south and discover the Seven Sisters, a mountain range made up of 7 seven peaks and peaking at 1,072 meters. You make a stop in Vega, an archipelago classified by UNESCO for its breeding of common eider (species of diving ducks) and its incredible wooden staircase, "Vegatrappa", of nearly 2,000 steps (450 meters of altitude). Ready to try the experience to enjoy the view?

DAY 7: Vega - Herøy
Early departure to reach Herøy. Your disembarkation is scheduled for around 11am.

Winter  Herøy  Helgelandd  Lovund  Træna  Nesna  Herøy

Spring  Herøy  Tomma  Handesøya  Melfjorden  Svartisen  Lovund  Herøy

Summer  Herøy  Åsvær  Træna  Lovund  Tomma  Nesna  Vega  Herøy

The itinerary may be changed without prior notice due to technical or weather conditions


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Interior Cabin
Price including VAT per person
Port Front Cabin
Price including VAT per person
Port Aft Cabin
Price including VAT per person
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Price includes

  • Accommodation in a double cabin (location according to selection) or privatisation
  • English-speaking crew service: skipper and hostess/cook
  • Full board from
  • Drinks: water, tea, filter coffee
  • Consumables for the boat (water, electricity, fuel, etc.)
  • Accompanying the crew during land activities
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Kayak
  • Fishing equipment
  • Guaranteed departure from 4 passengers

Price does not include

  • Flights
  • Transfers between the airport and the port of embarkation
  • Drinks: soft drinks and alcohol
  • Meals and drinks consumed on land
  • Tips for crew (left to your discretion)
  • Ski equipment (clothing, shoes, skis, etc.)
  • Snowshoes
  • Optional insurance
  • Captain's cabin supplement: €580/person compared to the port aft cabin

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the departure dates for each season?

    You can find below the departures for each season.

    Winter cruise:
    • 29/10/2023
    • 31/12/2023
    • 28/01/2024

    Spring cruise:
    • 25/02/2024
    • 28/04/2024

    Summer cruise:
    • 26/05/2024
    • 30/06/2024
    • 28/07/2024
    • 25/08/2024
  • Can I book flights or a stay in addition to my cruise?

    Our travel agency offers all our customers who board a cruise the opportunity to book their flights or accommodation. Our tailor-made offers adapt to your needs and your budget.

    We have created two 100% customizable offers:
    - Serenity Service: Reservation of your plane tickets.
    - Extension Service: Reservation of your accommodation (hotel, lodge, villa, etc.) and/or additional activities (excursions, guided tours, car rental, etc.) to take advantage of the riches of the heritage.

    Our advisers, specialists in the destination, will send you their best proposals for your holidays.
  • Is everyone on board English-speaking?

    Please note that this cruise is not exclusive to English travelers. It is quite common to meet people of various nationalities on board as we offer cruises to international clientele - encouraging curious and enriching exchanges for both passengers and crew.
    Crew members are multilingual and qualified to offer multilingual service.
  • What documents are needed for a trip to Norway?

    As Norway is part of the Schengen area, there are no border controls for travelers coming from another country in the Schengen area, such as France. However, a valid passport or national identity card is required for entry and stay in the territory.

    The attention of travelers is drawn to the fact that the Norwegian authorities have not recognized the extension of the validity of identity cards whose validity has expired. These are national identity cards (CNI) issued to adults between January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2013 and considered by the French authorities to be valid for 5 years after the expiry date indicated on the back, no material modification of the plastic card attesting to this.

    Consequently, in case of exceeding the validity period of the CNI, it is imperative to bring a valid passport to go to Norway.

    Some organizations (banks in particular) require the presentation of a passport to complete certain formalities.

    The Svalbard archipelago does not belong to the Schengen area. To get there, the presentation of a valid national identity card is mandatory. As the presentation of a passport is sometimes required by the border police when departing from certain flights to Svalbard or when arriving on site, it is strongly recommended to bring a valid passport to visit this archipelago.

    This information is communicated subject to modification by the authorities of the visited country. It is not uncommon for border crossing rules to evolve. We therefore strongly advise you to inquire about the formalities at the consulate of your country of origin.
  • When to go to the Helgeland coast?

    During your cruise, you will sail along the coast of Helgeland. Each season is unique and allows you different discoveries.

    From March to May:
    Spring in Helgeland, between glaciers, snow-capped peaks and the Norwegian Sea, is unique. Our spring trips offer world-class skiing and snowshoeing opportunities around the Svartisen Glacier, as well as kayaking, diving and other water activities. Migratory birds frequent the coast on their way to Arctic nesting grounds. nesting in the Arctic as the days get longer and warmer.

    June to August
    Summers along the coast are active. Visitors can fish, kayak, hike and snorkel under the midnight sun. under the midnight sun, surrounded by untouched fjords, islets and sandy beaches. sand beaches. Some days are warm and sunny, while others are better for scuba diving or kayaking. snorkeling or kayaking in a dry suit. We alternate nights spent in isolated anchorages with visits to gourmet restaurants located along the coast.

    September to November
    It is in autumn that the riches of nature come to life. Nordvær farm products are fresh and ready to be shipped. We move north throughout the season, meeting orca pods in northern Norway. with groups of orcas in northern Norway. The Northern Lights return in force every year as we navigate the protected coastal waters.

    November to February
    The Nordvær sails during the Christmas period, surrounded by northern lights, blue mountains and protected coastlines. The low sun extends twilight for hours each day during this surprisingly mild season. When the Nordvær sets sail again in February, Helgeland is transformed, with snow-capped mountains ready for winter adventures as each day grows longer. for winter adventures, each day getting longer.
  • What payments do I need to make to confirm my reservation?

    To confirm your reservation, you must inform your GlobeSailor advisor who will place an option for you while you collect your deposit. The reservation will only be considered final once your deposit has been received (by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card), of 30 to 50% of the reservation amount. A 100% deposit will be required for any reservation within one month of departure. The balance will be due no later than 45 days before the boarding date.
  • What happens in the event of cancellation?

    In the event of cancellation, you must notify your GlobeSailor adviser as soon as possible. Whatever the cause, the following cancellation fees will be due: up to 90 days before departure: 30% /// from 89 to 60 days: 50% /// from 59 to 30 days: 75% /// 29 days until departure: 100% of the amount of your reservation.
    We advise our customers to take out cancellation insurance with Ouest Assurance: