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Northern Europe includes the countries by the North Sea, Baltic States and Scandinavia. Whether you prefer dynamic major cities such as Copenhagen or Helsinki or you would rather choose natural landscapes with breathtaking Norwegian fjords, boat rental in the Northern Europe is one of the best ways to explore this maritime region. You will navigate through a world full of historical and art treasures and distinctive cuisines and discover the charm and beauty of a cruise in the Northern Europe.

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4.4/5 - 164 reviews
July 2023
I would like to thank our skipper once again. He helped to make this sailing trip to the Lofoten both very easy and very interesting for us, and he was great company. Apart from the stunning natural beauty of the archipelago, he introduced us to the community life on the islands and some of his friends there. His recommendations for walks were always spot on. We were pleasantly surprised by the (very good) condition of the Delphia 47, considering the harsh conditions she sails in. The weather also contributed to the success of this trip, which we all consider to be one of the best of the many we have undertaken.
July 2023
Friendly and helpful people, super-good facilities, wonderful experience.
September 2022
Look forward to doing it again! Cloud Nine was a great boat, privately owned (ie not charter company), and as such the personal touch made the experience fantastic. To be recommended!!!
August 2022
This was our first charter experience and I had many concerns as there are so many anecdotes about charters being awful. Fortunately for us, everything was nearly perfect. One of my main concerns were problems with systems and equipment on the boat - I didn't want to spend my time aboard repairing someone else's boat, however, on the boat we chartered, everything worked perfectly with one exception: a set screw on the door handle to the head had stripped out and the handle kept falling off. We actually thought this was funny and made jokes about being locked in or locked out! If that is our only complaint, and it hardly registers as a 'complaint', then the boat was exceptional. Everything was better than we were lead to believe. For example, we were provided with a list of what was included in the 'Starter Pack', which included things like toilet paper, matches, bottles of water, etc. However, those quantities were almost doubled over what we were told they would be. The time we were given to check in to the boat was 1700 hours on the given day but that morning I got a phone call from the boat's host saying that the boat was ready and we could check in anytime. These were small touches that just made the entire experience more enjoyable. We're looking forward to booking another charter. Fair winds and calm seas.
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