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Athens, the capital of Greece, is a lively city with magnificent monuments and ancient remains. In the Greek mythology, Athens was placed under the protection of Athena, the daughter of Zeus. Athens has been considered the cradle of Western civilization as it is one of the oldest cities in the World. During your cruise in Athens you can touch the ancient world preserved in numerous remains. While cruising around Athens drop your anchor on the Cyclades or the Saronic Islands located nearby.

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4.3/5 - 525 reviews
June 2018
What was good:- 1. Boat was in A1 condition 2. Boat is well equipped 3. The Owner/Manager - George - you wont find a person who wants you to enjoy your holiday more. 4. The owner/manager gave us very helpful advice and helped us with everything we requested. 5. This boat company is literally miles ahead of the competition -in every aspect - customer service, boat condition, helpfulness, attitude and responsiveness. What was bad:- Honestly not a single thing - first time we have ever experienced this
October 2017
Overall - very good boat for that money. We've been there with my wife and are very happy with our vacation. There were couple of minor problems during our trip - 1. Autopilot is quite old and it did not hold direction on long run. 2. Anchor chain compartment is very shallow, so it is little bit tricky to raise the anchor chain (it piles up very quickly if ignored).
October 2017
Boat old but at good condition. Friendly owner of the boat. Fantastic sailing area...
October 2017
We had fantastic trip in Saronic bay with my 4 friends. The boat is very comfortable, ergonomic and fast. There is a lot of space inside. Boat has both sails furling. I don't like furling main sails. But we had no choice. Furling sails are meant to be simple, But in fact you have to be very careful with them because if you are not - they jam. At some moment we have jammed our main sail and had to climb to the mast, to manually unfurl it. It happened when we tried to "take some reefs" on fresh wind, so our sail has completely stuck in a middle position. We are lucky that it happened in overall good weather near the shore, so we have found nearby calm bay to recover. You need to be very careful with furling main. It only looks easy. There was some engine oil leak, so we had to control it every day during engine checks. We have found it on day one, but personel just cleaned oil and said it is "ok". But the leak was constant and did not look nice. After all company personnel admitted this problem (gasket needed replacement) during our return to base and promised to solve it. Overall - very good condition... for Elan.
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